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*Intermission Ends*

Since the Clay Pits had been closed for a while due to the rock slide, Bill and Ben would be without work. So Sir Topham Hatt arranged for them to go to Anopha Quarry and help Mavis with the shunting.

Mavis and her intern, Trixie, were wary about about the newcomers. No matter how hard they tried, they couldn't escape falling victim to or witnessing the naughtiness brought in their mist. Wherever they found Bill, they would find Ben. Wherever they found Ben, they would find Bill. The same could be said for Snips and Snails.

However, as the first few days rolled by, the girls have come to accept the twins both as keen workers and good company.

One day, Sir Topham Hatt and an inspector came over to examine his quarry engines.

Inspector: Well, Mavis and Bill, I'm pleased to say that your engines are in fine working order.

Sir Topham Hatt: Unfortunately, Ben, your engine has damaged buffers. You must report to the Steamworks immediately for a new set; Snails shall accompany you there. Mavis and Trixie, you will have to work with Bill and Snips until Ben and Snails return.

Mavis: Yes, Sir. We'll make sure they're kept out of mischief.

Trixie: No quest shall be too troublesome for the Great and Powerful Trixie! *pauses* I mean, you can count on us.

Satisfied, Sir Topham Hatt and the inspector drove away.

Ben was more than just happy to be sent to the Steamworks; he was getting all puffed up. He didn't hesitate in gloating to his brother.

Ben: I'm getting new buffers for my engine! That's proof that I'm obviously special.

Bill: Hold on, hold on a minute. If you're getting new buffers for your engine, so should I. I mean, we're twins! We do everything together!

Ben: *smirking* But you don't need new buffers.

Bill: *snorting* You're only getting them because you're so clumsy with the controls.

Ben: No I'm not!

Bill: Yes you are!

Ben: I'm not!

Bill: You are!

It wasn't just the twins who were arguing.

Snips: You know, I have a feeling I know what's gotten Ben so sloppy lately...

Ben: *indignant* Sloppy?!?

Snails: Really?

Snips: Yeah. And the problem's right next to me.

Snails looked to his left and right. He had a rather clueless look. Snips gave a resigned sigh.

Snails: *scratching his head* Duh... I don't get it, Snips. What's the problem?

Snips: The problem, Snails, is that you're so thick, you can't tell a regulator from a brake or a safety valve from a piston.

Snails: *gasp* Are you saying I'm dumb???

Snips: Finally, you're catching on.

Snails: *smiling* Oh, thanks. *realizes* Hey!

Snips: Why you got to be Ben's intern, or anyone's intern, is beyond me.

Snails: Well... how come they've hired you if you're so fat?

Snips: Hey! I'm not that fat!

Snails: Okay, how about round?

Snips: Zip it!

Snails: Flabby?

Snips: Knock it off!

Snails: Roly-poly?

Snips: I SAID SHUT UP!!!

By now, Mavis and Trixie had heard enough of this.

Mavis: Will you four stop being crackpots?

Trixie: *groaning* Save your stupid arguing for another time. It's giving Trixie a headache. And my feet are killing me from standing around here...

Mavis: Plus, I have a date with Toby after the shift. Now come on, Bill and Snips. We've got work to do.

Bill: *grouchily* Fine.

Snips: *flatly* No complaint from me.

Bill and Snips got into their engine and followed the girls off to work.

Ben could hardly wait for his engine's new buffers. Snails was rather upset with how Snips had called him stupid. Even if both the twins agree with Snips, as well as everyone else on Sodor, Ben went out of his way to cheer his intern up.

Ben: Don't be so sore, Snails. Snips' just jealous that you get to have some time off and he doesn't.

Snails: *brightening up* Well... I could use a break.

Ben: That's more like it.

Later, Bill and Snips watched as Ben and Snips drove away to the Steamworks.

Snips: *grumbling* Least it'll get me away from that moron for a while. I can actually relax...

Snails: *calling out* See you later, fatso!

Snips: I'M NOT THAT FAT!!!

Snails: Says you!

Bill hardly registered what was being said by Snips and Snails. He was green with envy, both figuratively and literally. He wanted new buffers, too.

Later, as worker and intern went back to work, Bill wasn't paying attention. All he could think about was Ben getting new buffers. He thought so much about this, he didn't hear Snips warning him until it was too late.

Snips: Bill, look out! The buffers...!

The tank engine rammed the truck they was shunting into a set of buffers. The impact nearly knocked Snips and Bill off their feet.

Bill: Oof! That wasn't pleasant!

The crash also caused a pipe to slide off the roof and into the engine's funnel.

Snips: *sighing* I've got this...

As Snips hopped off and walked towards the front of the engine, he slipped and fell on a board, which catapulted a bucket full of dust into the air. It fell right onto Bill's head.

Bill sneezed so hard, the bucket flew off, attracting Mavis and Trixie's attention.

Mavis: Be careful, Bill! And quit thinking about Ben's new buffers.

Trixie: Make sure he gets a smaller leash, will you, Snips? We don't need another Snails...

Snips: *irritated* What am I, a babysitter? Sheesh!

Bill tried thinking about birds. He tried thinking about trees. He even tried thinking about a huge chocolate sundae with marshmallows and caramel on top.

He tried thinking about anything but Ben and his brand new buffers. But it didn't work.

Bill: I want new buffers, too!

Mavis: Just be glad your engine's in good working order.

Snips: Yeah, it's not the end of the world. Take a chill pill.

Bill: It's not fair!

Bill was so upset, he accidentally pulled his engine's regulator and caused it to blow steam and soot all over Mavis and Trixie.

Mavis: *coughing* BILL!!!

Trixie: My clothes! My hair! All ruined!

Bill: *meekly* Oops. Sorry, girls...

Mavis: *panicking* I can't go out with Toby looking like this! Trixie, I have to hit the showers fast! Cover for me!

And so, Mavis ran off in a hurry, leaving Trixie absolutely flustered.

Trixie: But I... I need to take a shower too, Mavis! Not that I'm expecting some cute boy to look at me after the shift! *pause* Mavis?

Snips: *snickering* Guess your stuck with us for a while, Trix...

Trixie just growled and set back into the Class 04. This day was getting worse with every hour.

Bill tried his best to get on with his work, but the troublesome delinquents spotted a chance for a tease.

Delinquents: :music:Poor, poor Bill; he works, he suffers
While Ben, his twin, gets brand new buffers

This made Bill crosser than ever.

Bill: I might not have new buffers, but I still know how to biff you lot!

And he switched the reverser at full maximum.

Snips: *worriedly* Bill, what you are doing?

Trixie: BILL, NO!!!

But it was too late. Bill rammed the trucks behind him so hard, he broke through a set of buffers behind him, causing the trucks and the engine to fall into a rock ditch.

Luckily, no one was hurt.

Mavis heard the crash and rushed out of the women's locker room, having gotten her shower and a clean set of clothes on.

Mavis: What's going on out here?

Trixie: *pointing towards the ditch* Take a guess...

Mavis: *groaning in frustration* I warned you to calm down, Bill! Now looks what's happened!

At that moment, in came Ben and Snails in Ben's engine. The engine had a pair of shiny, silver buffers at the front. They were just in time to hear...

Bill: Bust my buffers!

Ben: *smirking* I think you have.

Snails: *chuckling* Who's the dumbhead now, Snips?

Snips: That wasn't me! And I'm still gonna go with you!

Ben: Come on, Snails. No use arguing here. Let's go fetch the Breakdown Train.

Soon, Jerome and Judy were brought to help with the mess. Sir Topham Hatt was on board one of the coaches. When he saw Bill in the pit and his engine's broken buffers, he was not happy in the slightest.

Sir Topham Hatt: Bill, you have behaved badly ever since Ben went to the Steamworks. Do you have anything to say for yourself?

Bill: *gulp* Yes, Sir. I'm sorry, Sir.

Sir Topham Hatt: Before you get new buffers, I want you to remember what it means to be a responsible, reliable worker. Understand?

Bill: *quietly* Yes, Sir...

After Sir Topham Hatt had left, and Bill's engine was back on the rails, Ben drove over to see him. His engine's buffers were glistening in the sun.

Bill: They sure are nice buffers.

Ben: Thanks, bro. I'm sorry I teased you.

Bill: Ah, that's alright. I was naughty, too.

Ben: Of course, you were! We're twins!

Snips: Snails, I'm sorry for calling you stupid this morning.

Snails: *shrugging* No worries, Snips. It varies. And I'm sorry I called you fat.

Snips: Actually, I have been gaining a few pounds lately. Might as well lose 'em before the week is out.

Snails: Want me to teach you some rock sliding?

Snips: *winking* You're on, my faithful birdbrain.

Bill and Ben: Hey, count us in too!

And so the foursome set out to have some fun, just like friends always do.

Bill and Ben can still be cheeky at times, but they still try their hardest to be really useful.

*The End*
Bill and Ben's Excellent Misadventures part 3
Here's the last part of Bill and Ben's Excellent Misadventures. In this part, based on Buffer Bother, Bill gets really cheesed when Ben has to get new buffers for his engine. Will this cause trouble? With help from :icondarthwill3: and proofread by :icontobyandmavisforever:

Thomas and Friends (c) Hit and Mattel
The Railway Series (c) Rev Wilbert Awdry
My Little Pony Friendship is Magic (c) Hasbro
*Intermission Ends*

After Derek came back, Bill and Ben went back to the Clay Pits. The twins worked hard, pushing and pulling cars into their proper places, despite still being cheeky. But eventually, they got bored and restless.

Ben: Listen, Bill. Can you hear something?

Bill: What sort of something?

Ben: Something different.

Bill: *putting a hand to his ear* Nope. I can't hear anything different.

Ben: Exactly, bro. Everything's the same; Sounds the same, looks the same, and smells the same. What we need is a surprise.

Bill: Surprise of what?

Before Ben could reply, Bill realized something.

Bill: Hey, where's Snips and Snails?

Ben: It's a school day, remember? Besides, I heard they got detention for putting frogs in the teacher's desk.

Bill: You don't say!

Ben: Yeah, I do. Guess our "surprise package" to Rainbow Dash from Soarin' really inspired them.

As the twins laughed chucked at their past accomplishment, the quarry master arrived.

Quarry master: I've just received word from Princess Celestia. She wants you boys to come to the Station at Arlesburgh Harbor.

Bill and Ben: Yes sir.

As they arrived at Arlesburgh Harbor, the twins started to speculate on the reason for their requested presence.

Bill: I wonder what we've done wrong this time....

Ben: It must be you. I've been a good boy.

Bill: Why me? I haven't done anything wrong since last Thursday.

At last, they found Celestia waiting for them near one of the cranes. Two Royal Guards stood on each side of her.

Celestia: Good morning, boys.

Bill and Ben: *bowing* Morning, Your Heinous... *quickly correcting* Royal Highness.

Celestia: In case your wondering why I've asked you here, Sir Topham Hatt is busy at Knapford. I thought I would deliver your orders on his behalf. Edward is taking some children on a seaside trip today. I would like you two to go to the station and look after trucks there.

Bill: We'll do our best, Your Highness.

Ben: Do we get milk and cookies for a good job?

Bill: *elbowing him in the side* Shut up, Ben

Ben: What? I like milk and cookies.

Bill: We both like them, but that's not the point!

Celestia: *chuckling* Off you go, you two.

Bill and Ben: Yes, ma'am.

As the twins made their way to the yards, they saw Gordon and Rainbow Dash by a siding.

Bill: Well lookie who we have, Ben.

Ben: If it isn't our friends Gordon and Rainbow Dash. Should we go over and say hello?

Bill: I believe they'd be insulted if we didn't.

Rainbow Dash gave the twins the cold shoulder when they approached; the memory of their latest prank was still fresh in her mind.

Gordon, on the other hand, spoke severely to them.

Gordon: You must behave here. You're on the main line now.

Ben: *snickering* Actually, Gordon, when we saw your engine, we thought this was the scrapyard.

Rainbow Dash, in spite of her grudge, couldn't help joining the twins in their laughter.

Rainbow Dash: *giggling uncontrollably* Good one, Ben!

Bill: *likewise chortling* Yeah, that's a killer!

Gordon was cross.

Gordon: Just make sure that my coaches are ready for my evening Express. Come on, Rainbow Dash.

Rainbow Dash: Way ahead of you, G.

They climbed into the cab and the engine set off. The twins laughed and went to work.

Bill: This is so easy.

Ben: We know all about trucks.

But I'm afraid, they didn't know all about the troublesome delinquents.

Delinquent 1: Oi! No need for that!

Delinquent 2: We'll show you around. We want to help.

Bill: *taken aback* Gee, uh... Thank you very much, mates!

Ben: Yeah, much appreciated.

The delinquents giggled and began their tricks.

Evening came. The yard was in a dreadful muddle. The twins had let the delinquents tell them where to put things.

Bill: Um, Ben, maybe we should've asked for someone else for help?

Ben: *sarcastically* Gee, you think?

Gordon, Rainbow Dash, and the passengers waited impatiently outside the station, while Bill and Ben tried to sort things out and get the coaches arranged.

Gordon: What's taking those buffoons so long?

Rainbow Dash: Wouldn't surprise me if they were trying to play another prank.

Almost immediately, the twins brought the coaches to the platform. No words or explanation was uttered from either of them. The passengers hurried to their seats before the conductor blew his whistle and waved his flag.

But by the time Gordon was able to leave, it was very late indeed; twenty minutes, to be exact.

Gordon: *grumbling* What good-for-nothing slackers they've turned out to be. I always knew they were useless the moment I first set eyes on them.

Bill and Ben had heard Gordon, but they didn't object. They were too ashamed.

Next day, they went back to the Clay Pits. Snips and Snails were waiting for them.

Snips: Hey, guys. Heard about what happened at the harbor yesterday.

Snails: Bad luck, if you ask me.

Bill: "Bad luck?" It was a nightmare! We didn't get a good night's sleep!

Ben: Good thing you two weren't there.

Snips: At least you didn't have to sit in a classroom for an hour.

Snails: Yeah. We were bored out of our minds.

Suddenly, they hear the clatter of stones.

Bill: That's a strange noise. I've never heard anything like that before.

Snips: *nervously* I have. Sounds like a rock slide to me.

Snails: *excitedly* Rock Slide? Oh, I just love that game! It's like log running, only with rocks! Get the biggest, roundest rock you can find, stand on top of it, and run it backwards down the hill! Whoever makes it to the bottom wins!

Snips, annoyed, bonked Snails on the noggin with a fist.

Snips: You dimwit! This is no time for games!

Snails: *dizzily* Which way did he go, George? Which way did he go...?

Then came the alarm.

Quarry master: Danger! Clear the area!

Workmen scrambled into the trucks.

Bill: Thank goodness we're here!

Ben: Not a moment too soon!

Snails: *still dazed* Duh... Hiya, George.

Snips: *groaning* C'mon, Snails...

They were just moving out of the vicinity, when...

Workman: Help! Wait for me!

A workman had tripped and couldn't make it to Ben's train. Bill waited until the man was aboard.

The twins and their interns left the Clay Pits just in time.

The rock slide did an awful amount of damage. A large portion of the machinery was knocked over, buildings were caved in, the water tower tumbled to the ground, and large rocks blocked the line.

Everyone was safe, but rubble lay all around.

Bill: Oh dear! This wasn't our fault.

Ben: I hope Sir Topham Hatt and Princess Celestia will understand.

And indeed, they did. Next day, they arrived with Edward and Fluttershy.

Sir Topham Hatt: Bill and Ben, I heard about your little incident yesterday. You still have a lot to learn about delinquents, don't you?

Bill and Ben: *ashamed* Yes sir.

Celestia: However, you acted quickly in an emergency and saved innocent lives. So three cheers to Bill and Ben, our heroes!

Everyone else: Hip hip hooray! Hooray! Hooray!

Fluttershy: *cutely* Yay!

Snails: *still dazed* It's a good thing you've done, George. A really good thing...

Snips: *face-palming* He's hollower than I thought...

Bill: Oh, thank you, Sir and ma'am! Being called heroes! Well, it's– it's–

Ben: *laughing* It's a really nice surprise!

Bill and Ben's Excellent Misadventures part 2
Here's part two of Bill and Ben's Excellent Misadventures with assistance from :icondarthwill3:. In this part, based on Heroes, Bill and Ben have an incident thanks to the Troublesome Delinquents. Can they redeem themselves when a rock slide hits the Clay Pits?

Thomas and Friends (c) Hit and Mattel
The Railway Series (c) Rev Wilbert Awdry
My Little Pony Friendship is Magic (c) Hasbro


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