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deviation in storage by MarzipanHomestar66


The following morning at Canterlot High, everything seemed to be carrying on as usual. But today, something was different. Jokesterrap had yet to pull any pranks. But instead, he spent most of his free time reading in his grandfather's journal. Some of the students felt rather relieved that they could get some peace and quiet without Jokesterrap playing a trick on them. But others felt like he would pull a huge prank later on.

"You never know what he might be up to," Rarity was saying.

"Maybe he doesn't want to pull pranks today," suggested Fluttershy.

"Perhaps he's sick," said Rainbow Dash.

"Ah don't think it's that," said Applejack.

"Maybe he's still upset about what the others said about him yesterday," said Vincent.

"I said I was sorry!" remarked Mystery Mint.

"I'll try seeing what's up," said Flash.

"I'll go too," said Vincent.

At lunch, Jokesterrap was sitting at a table by himself when Flash and Vincent come up.

"Hey Jokesterrap," said Vincent. "Mind if we sit with you?"

"Yeah, sure," he mumbled halfheartedly.

The two guys sat down, rather unsure of how to start a conversation.

"So," Flash finally said, "what's new with you?"

"Oh nothing really," said Jokesterrap. "What made you think there was something going on?"

"Well, usually around this time, you'd pull a prank on someone," said Vincent, rather concerned about Jokesterrap's new behavior. "Anything wrong?"

"No, nothing really."

"You sure you're not angry over yesterday?" asked Vincent.

“I'm sure.”

"Then what's going on?" asked Flash.

"I, uh, just don't feel like pulling pranks right now," said Jokesterrap. "I'm up to other stuff now."


"If I told you," said Jokesterrap, "it wouldn't be secret."

"Fair enough, I guess."

"Want to come join the others?" asked Flash.

"Er, no thanks."

"What? But you like joking around with friends!" exclaimed Vincent.

"Well sometimes they don't like my jokes," said Jokesterrap. "So why bother them?"

"But most of the time, you mean no harm, right?"

"True. But still, I'm rather busy with my secret work."

"Well alright then," said Flash. With that, he and Vincent went over to the other table where their friends were.

"Any luck?" asked Sunset.

"He says he's busy with something," said Vincent. "And that he's not interesting in joking around since others find it annoying."

"That's not right..."

"He never used to worry about bothering us before," said Twilight.

"So what's making him worry now?" asked Flash.

"It's a mystery," said Rarity. "On the plus side, he seems to be behaving himself.”

"It's just not like him to all of a sudden stop joking around," said Vincent. "Something's obviously wrong with him."

"What if one of us told a joke?" suggested Pinkie Pie. "Maybe it would help him feel better."

"So, anyone got any good jokes?" asked Rainbow Dash.

"I think I got one," said Vincent. "I remember seeing it on TV."

With that, he got out of his seat and held his corndog out as if it were a microphone.

"You know something we have in common?" he asked, while talking as if he were doing stand up comedy. "Flying on the airlines and listening to the airline announcements while trying to pretend to ourselves that the language they're using is really English. Doesn't seem like it to me, y'know? Whole thing starts when you get to the gate. First announcement; 'We would like to begin the Boarding Process'. Extra word 'process'; not necessary. Boarding is enough. 'We'd like to begin the boarding'. Simple enough and tells the story.”

"People want to add extra words to make things sounds more important than they are,” he went on. “'Boarding Process; sounds important'. It isn't. It's  just a bunch of people getting on an airplane."

This had earned him some chuckles from some of the students.

"People like to sound important," Vincent continued. "Weathermen talk about Shower Activity. Sounds more important than showers. I even hear some guy talk about a rain event. He said 'The county will be expecting a rain event' and I thought "Whoa I hope I can get tickets to that'!

This resulted in more laughs from the other students. The only one not laughing was Jokesterrap.

"I knew it!" he snapped. "You all do think I'm nothing but a joke!" He thought they were laughing at him.

"No we weren't," objected Watermelody. "Vincent told a rather amausing joke and we laughed."

"It was about me, wasn't it?"

"Of course not," said Vincent. "Why would I make a joke about my friends?"

"Are you sure you didn't come up with those jokes yourself?" asked Sunset. "They were really good."

Vincent blushed a bit hearing this.

"Th-thanks," he said bashfully.

But Jokesterrap still wasn't happy.

"So you all find Vincent funnier than me, do you?" he scowled.

"They never said I was funnier than you!" the blue-haired teenager protested indignantly.

"Then why is it that they laughed at your joke while most of them thought mine were a nuisance?" Jokesterrap asked.

"Well," said Vincent. "That was my first time doing a joke. They're used to you doing jokes and pranks all the time."

"So they think I'm boring?"

"No! Far from it!"

Before Vincent could say anymore, Jokesterrap stormed off.

"I hadn't meant to hurt him, did I?" Vincent asked, feeling upset.

"He just took it the wrong way," said Twilight. "I'm sure sooner or later he'll be back to his old joking self."

"I hope," Vincent said before sighing.

Soon, the bell rang and the students made their ways to their classes.

Jokesterrap stayed quiet for the rest of the school day. He didn't even speak to his friends. Poor Vincent felt very bad; he never meant to hurt his friend on purpose.

"He's really upset with me," he said to himself. "I wish there was a way to make up for it."

"You shouldn't blame yourself like that," said Sunset, putting a hand on Vincent's shoulder. “I don't know what's wrong with Jokesterrap, but I know that it's not your fault."

"Are you sure?" Vincent asked, not once looking back on her.

Sunset smiled. "I'm sure. You're far too nice to hurt someone on purpose."

This made Vincent smile too.

"Thanks Sunset," he said. "I'm feeling a little better now."

Before Vincent could saymore, Sunset gave him a hug.

"Hey, what're you-?"

"It's just a little hug Vincent," said Sunset. "Nothing to be nervous about."

"I know that, it's just... I've rarely had a girl hug me, apart from Fictionary, as she's my sister."

Sunset could see that the hug had made Vincent's face blush bright red. She felt herself blush as well, but tried not to show it.

Soon, school had ended for the day. As the students were getting ready to go home, Jokestrrap raced off towards his spare bike. Since he had left his regular bike by Gladstone's shed, he had to make do with this other one.

"Not the most comfortable bike," he said. "But it'll have to do."

He was just getting ready to take off when...

"Hey, Jokesterrap, mate!"

It was Vincent.

"Oh, what does he want now?"

"I wanted to apologize for earlier in the lunch room," said Vincent, "and wanted to see if you wanted to join me and the gang for pizza later."

"Er, no thanks Vincent," said Jokesterrap. "It's such a nice day, so I thought I'd take a little bike ride."

"Well, if you say so," sighed Vincent, "I'll make sure we save at least a couple of slices for you."


"By the way," asked Vincent. "What happened to your bike?"

"Oh, uh, I seem to have misplaced it," said Jokesterrap. "So till I find it, I'll have to use this one."

"Ya wouldn't last a minute on this heap of scrap!" Vincent remarked with a slight hint of sarcasm.

"What are you calling a heap of scrap?" snapped Jokesterrap. "This bike might be old, but it's still reliable!"

Before Vincent could say anymore, Jokesterrap sped off on his bike.

"Here I go again," muttered Vincent, "upsetting him without intending to. I gotta keep my mouth shut next time..."

Instead of going back to his house, Jokesterrap went along his trail to see Gladstone.

"It's a good thing I remembered to tell mom and dad this morning that I wouldn't come right home after school," he said, "otherwise they'd be panicking over where I was."

Jokesterrap soon came to the railway line in the forest. But instead of going West to Gladstone's shed, he went to the East.

At that moment, Trixie had been taking a walk when she thought she saw someone along the railway tracks.

"Isn't that Jokesterrap?" she asked herself. "I'll be he's up to something." But when she looked again, she saw no one. "I thought I saw... Oh, what the heck - I must be seeing things."

Eventually, Jokesterrap came to a nearby junction where a flatbed and a handcart were waiting for him. Waiting by them was a man wearing a workman's uniform.

"Just in time," the workman said. "Almost gave up on you."

"Sorry I'm late," said Jokesterrap. "Had to make do with this old bike and the journey wasn't so great."

Earlier that day, Jokesterrap had made a call to one of the Railway workshops, seeing if he could get the parts he needed to fix Gladstone without paying so much. And as it turned out, they had some parts that were taking up too much space. So Jokesterrap talked them into giving some of the parts to him instead.

"Did you guys get everything on my list?" he asked.

"Afraid not. The boss doesn't want us spending all time running off to drop off parts. So he says we gotta do it one piece at a time."

"That's okay," said Jokesterrap. "Better one at a time than not at all."

Jokesterrap gave the workman some money for the part.

"I know you guys said I could have the parts on the house," he said, "but I thought you deserved a little money for coming out here."


The two shook hands and Jokesterrap climbed onto the handcart.

"I'll bring this back soon," he said.

"Go ahead and keep it," said the workman. "Boss got some new electric trollies and wanted me to get rid of that old thing."

"Alright! Thanks!"

Jokesterrap soon made it to Gladstone's shed. He stopped the handcart in front of it and opened the shed door to see his engine still where he had left her yesterday.

"Hi Gladstone," he said happily. "I've got something for you."

Jokesterrap then brought the handcar into the shed next to Gladstone and took the tarp off of the flatbed.

"Ta-da! A brand new steam dome just for you."

If she'd have talked, Gladstone would've been most grateful.

Then Jokesterrap started telling the engine about his day at school.

"You should have seen them at lunch, Gladstone," he said unhappily. "Everyone in the cafeteria was laughing at Vincent's jokes. They never laughed that much for mine. They probably think that's all I'm good for and have gotten bored of me. I bet you kinda know what that's like; to feel as though you're not appreciated now a days. It's a good thing Grandpa bought you and saved you from scrap, though."

Gladstone still stayed silent.

"Well don't you worry," said Jokesterrap. "Once I've fixed you up, we'll show them all what we can do. Just you wait and see."

Jokesterrap knew Gladstone couldn't say anything, but it felt good to have someone or something to talk to.

"Goodnight Gladstone," he said, getting ready to leave. "Tomorrow's Saturday so I'll come by earlier to get that new steam dome hooked up."

With that, he closed the shed door and set off with his bike. He alo remembered he had to go back and fetch his other bike so he wouldn't forget it.

When Jokesterrap got home, he put the bikes in the garage and went inside.

"Mom, dad, I'm home," he called.

"Hey son," said Tinker. "A friend of yours came by earlier and brought you some pizza."

"Who was it?" asked Jokesterrap.

"I forget his name," said his mother, "but he had blue hair and wore glasses... Vernon, Victor, or whatever it was..."


"Yeah, that's the one!"

"Well that was rather nice of him," said Jokesterrap.

So, the family ate the pizza for their dinner.

"Pepperoni and Gumdrop," commented Jokesterrap. "Rather interesting idea if I say so myself."

"Get any new parts for Gladstone?" asked Tinker.

"Yeah," Jokesterrap said. "Her new steam dome came in. It'll be a while until the rest arrives."

"Won't you need any help fixing her?" his mother asked.

"I'm sure I can manage on my own," said Jokesterrap.

"Okay then, son, but don't be too proud to ask for help."

"I won't, dad," said Jokesterrap.

Before long, it was time for bed. As Jokesterrap was settling down in his bed, he looked at the picture of Gladstone.

"We'll show them what we can do, Gladstone," he smiled. "Just you wait."
Hero of Harmony part 4
Here's part 4 to Hero of Harmony. In this part, Jokesterrap begins on a plan to get new parts for Gladstone. He also becomes distant from his friends and gets insulted when the other students find Vincent funnier than him. Will this cause a strain on their friendship? Will he tell anyone about Gladstone?

Also the jokes Vincent tells are from George Carlin's routine on airplanes and flying. Also includes some more Sunset and Vincent moments.

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic/Equestria Girls (c) Hasbro and Lauren Faust.

OCs (c) Me and :iconmarzipanhomestar66:
Lady sprite improved by sodormatchmaker
Lady sprite improved
Here's my latest improvement for my sprite of Lady the Golden Engine from Thomas and the Magic Railroad. Here we got Lady with and without her face, and one of her wheels. Enjoy.:D

Thomas and Friends (C) Hit Entertainment and Mattel

Sprites (C) myself and Zack
Jokesterrap didn't stop running until he made it to his bike and rode off. He stopped behind the coffee shop when he made sure that he was alone.

"Now to see what's in this box," he said to himself. He carefully opened the box, keeping a watchful eye, gasped. He could not believe what he saw. Inside the box was an old journal, a map, some blueprints, a key, and a wrinkled letter.

"Whoa," said Jokesterrap. He picked up the letter and began to read it.

Dear Jokesterrap,
By the time you get this box, I shall possibly be long gone. Remember the promise I made when you were little? Well, now that you're old enough, Gladstone is all yours. This map will help you find her. She'll require some repairs though, but if you're willing to take the responsibility of taking good care of her and keeping her safe, then I'm sure you'll do a great job of being her caretaker. Happy Birthday.

Grandpa Porter Coupling.

Jokesterrap stayed silent for a bit. Then a few happy tears started to roll down his cheek.

"I don't believe it," he said softly. “He kept his promise.” Suddenly a huge grin spread on his face.

"Yes!!!" he cried in excitement. With that, he raced home as fast as he could. When he got home, Jokesterrap almost broke through the door.

"Mom! Dad!" he cried. "You're not going to believe it!"

"What is it, boy?"

"Grandpa kept his promise!" cried Jokesterrap. "See for yourself!" and he showed them the letter.

"Has he now?"

"Yes," said Jokesterrap. "When I was little, he promised that one day, his engine Gladstone would be mine. And now it's come true!"

"There's a slight problem with that," said Tinker. "He never told anyone where she was hidden."

"On the contrary," said Jokesterrap, holding up the map, "he left this map so I could be able to find her."

"He did?" asked Tinker in bewilderment.

"Yeah," said Jokesterrap. "And I'm gonna go find her."

"Are you sure you'll be safe?" asked Jokesterrap's mother. “What if something unexpected happened?”

"I'm sure I'll be okay," said Jokesterrap. "I told you I'd be fine when you had doubts of me coming to this school, but I showed you that I'm alright. So I'll be fine with this."

His parents were not so sure,  but they didn't argue against their son's decision.

"See you later," Jokesterrap called as he headed for the door. "I'll try and be back by suppertime. If not, then don't panic cause I probably stopped somewhere else for food."

Jokesterrap followed the map very closely as he made his way past the school. He made extra sure nobody saw him.

"I don't want anybody asking what I'm doing and following me," he said to himself.

He did a quick double take.

"All clear." And he set off again. He looked behind him to make sure he wasn't being followed, but when he looked ahead, he braked hard to avoid hitting Trixie.

"Watch where you're going!" Trixie snapped.

"Sorry, Trixie! Can't stop!” And Jokesterrap took off again. Trixie was puzzled.

"What is that guy up to?" she asked herself.

His journey took him through a rather deep forest.

"Sure is deep in here," Jokesterrap said to himself, getting off of his bike to take a look at the map. "But I'm getting close."

Just as he said that, he tripped over something.

"Ouch!" he cried as he hit the ground, "Watch it, you stupid rail!"

Realizing what he said, he got right back up.

"Rail? This is it!" he cried. "All I gotta do is follow this rail to Gladstone! But which way?"

He looked at the map again.

When you find the railway lines, follow them to the west.

So that's what he did. Getting back on his bike, he followed the tracks into the forest along the dirt path.

The line went through various turns, but at last, Jokesterrap stopped to rest and gasped at what was in front of him. It was an engine shed.

"There it is!" Jokesterrap cried. With a newfound burst of energy, he raced towards the shed. "This is the moment I've waited for since I was little."

Using the key, he unlocked the shed and slowly opened it. Once the shed was opened, Jokesterrap saw something in front of him. Its top half was sheeted in tarp, and he could see that the bottom half had wheels. Jokesterrap carefully took off the tarp and gasped. His eyes widened in amazement. There, in place of the sheeted object, was an old tank engine. It looked like it had not been used for a long time.

"She's beautiful," he said quietly,

He walked around the engine, examining it. It had gathered a fair amount of dust while it was in the shed on the parts of it that weren't covered up. A cobweb or two had formed around the wheels. And the back part of its cab was missing except for the bunker. On its side tanks, he could see the nameplates that read Gladstone. Once he'd finished walking around the engine, he laid his head on its bufferbeam.

"Hello, Gladstone," he said calmly. "My name is Jokesterrap. I'm your new driver now. I'm going to fix you, take good care of you, and keep you safe from anyone who wants to hurt you. I promise."

Gladstone, of course, didn't say anything. But Jokesterrap felt that if she had a face, she wound say "thank you". Jokesterrap stayed for a little while with his new engine, cleaning some of the dust and cobwebs off of her, until the sun began to set.

"See you tomorrow, Gladstone," Jokesterrap said. With that, he closed the shed, and prepared to go home. Suddenly, he smelled something.

"What's that?" he wondered. He took a big sniff and recognized that smell.

"It's apple pie! But where's it coming from?"

Then he noticed a few familiar people at a very familiar place.

"It's the Apple Family at Sweet Apple Acres!" he gasped. "Sweet Apple Acres isn't too far from Gladstone's Shed! My gosh, what a wild coincidence! If I'd known that, I would have just..."

Suddenly, Jokesterrap had a terrible thought.

"That means that Applejack and her family will be around in the orchards," he said. "If they go deeper into this forest and find Gladstone, they'll tell somebody and Gladstone will get scrapped! I'm going to have to be very careful. Especially when Trixie is nearby. If she finds out about Gladstone, she'll probably try to get her scrapped as revenge for that Ice Bucket prank."

So Jokesterrap quietly and carefully tiptoed out of the trees away without being spotted. But just before he was in the clear, he stepped on a twig and gasped.

"What was that?" asked Applejack.

Jokesterrap dove into a bush before Applejack could see him.

"Huh," she said. "Must have been a critter."

With that, she went inside the house for supper.

"Phew," sighed Jokesterrap. "That was close."

After making double sure the coast was clear, Jokesterrap raced away from Sweet Apple Acres. Half way home, he bumped into Trixie again.

"Watch where you're going!" she snapped.

"You watch where you're going," said Jokesterrap.

"You're up to something, aren't you?" asked Trixie.

"I have no idea what you're talking about."

"You seemed in a hurry earlier today," said Trixie. "I bet you're up to something and I'm going to find out what it is."

"I doubt that will happen, Trixie," said Jokesterrap. And he raced off again.

“He's up to something,” said Trixie. “I just know it. I don't know what he's plotting, but I am going to find out one way or another!"

Jokesterrap didn't stop until he got home.

"That was a very close call," he said.

"Hey there, son," said Tinker. "How'd the trip go?"

"It went fairly well," said Jokesterrap.

"Did you find Gladstone?"

"I did."

"That's great news, son," said Tinker. He felt proud of Jokesterrap.

"You know what else I found out?" added Jokesterrap.


"Gladstone's hideout isn't too far from Sweet Apple Acres."


"Yes," said Jokesterrap. "But I can't let Applejack or her family notice me or else they'll find out about Gladstone."

"You're afraid of her getting scrapped, aren't you?" asked Tinker.

"How'd you know about that?"

"Cause that's the same reason your grandpa Porter Coupling kept Gladstone's hideout a secret too," replied Tinker.

"Guess me and him think alike."

"That might also be a reason he wanted you to have Gladstone when you were old enough," said Tinker. He looked to the ceiling and remembered some time ago before Porter Coupling's death when Tinker had asked him where he hid Gladstone.

Tinker was talking to his father Porter Coupling one day in Porter's house.

"Come on, dad," said Tinker. "Can't you tell us where that engine of yours is?"

"Sorry, Tinker," said the old man. "But Gladstone's hiding spot is a secret. I can't tell anybody where she is."

"Not even your own family? That's not fair."

"It's also the best way to make sure that she stays safe," Porter Coupling went on. "Besides, the only one I want to find her is Joksterrap."

"Jokesterrap? But he's a boy."

"That's why I won't tell him where she is until he is old enough," went on Porter.

Porter then showed Tinker a box.

"This is for Jokesterrap," he said. "But don't give this to him until he's old enough just in case I don't live long enough to give it to him myself."

“Don't worry, Dad,” said Tinker. “I'll make sure when he's old enough, he gets it.” He took the box, gave his father a hug, and walked out of the room.

Tinker's flashback ended as Jokesterrap snapped his fingers in front of him to get his attention.

“You alright there, pop?” he asked.

“Sorry boy,” said Tinker. “Just remembering the past. Say why did you run home instead of using your bike?" asked Tinker.

Suddenly Jokesterrap remembered.

"My bike!" he exclaimed. "I must have left it back by Gladstone's shed! I'll have to go back for it tomorrow. Just hope I don't get seen at Sweet Apple Acres or they'll be asking questions."

Before long, the family had their supper of spaghetti and garlic bread.

"Tastes like you've gotten better at cooking, mom," commented Jokesterrap. "Nothing's burnt to a crisp this time."

Last time that happened, the kitchen had caught fire burning his mother's drapes and ruining his father's garden.

"Well I've been taking cooking lessons," said his mother. “What's your thought on Mud Pie for dessert?”

“Is that the real thing,” asked Jokesterrap, “or a pie made from actually mud?”

His mom chuckled. “The dessert, silly. What do you take me for, a lunatic?”

Before long, the family went to bed, Jokesterrap looked up at the ceiling.

"Don't worry, Grandpa," he said to himself. "I promise I'll fix Gladstone and keep her safe. Just like you did."

Then he realized something. "How am I supposed to fix Gladstone? Last I checked, steam engine parts were rather expensive. And besides that, I have no idea how to fix a steam engine."

Then he remembered something. "There was more in that box. It was a journal and blueprints to Gladstone. Those could help out a lot."

Jokesterrap then dug inside the box and pulled out the journal and blueprints.

"There we go," he said. "With these, finding out what parts Gladstone needs will be easy."

And so he began reading into the night. Unfortunately, he fell asleep halfway through it and decided to pick up where he left off tomorrow.

“Shouldn't be that difficult,” he yawned. He put the journal on the nightstand next to his bed and turned his reading lamp off. Then he looked at a picture of him when he was little. He was standing next to his grandpa while the two were beside Gladstone. He smiled at this.

"Goodnight Grandpa," he said quietly. "Goodnight Gladstone." With that, he fell right asleep.
Hero of Harmony part 3
Here's part 3 of Hero of Harmony. In this part, Jokesterrap finds out what's in his package and goes on a little trip to find something that belonged to his grandfather.

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic/Equestria Girls (c) Hasbro and Lauren Faust.

OCs (c) Me and :iconmarzipanhomestar66:


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