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Got this from :icondanielarkansanengine:

There are some people who are getting too fake here on DA. They only want posts, comments, or to see how many friends they can get. So let's see who will actually re-post this. This is a test to see how many people in my friends list actually pay attention. Copy and re-post in your own bulletin Let's see who the true friends are... Re-post this if you are a friend... Don't reply... Just copy and paste this in a new journal as "Fake Friends"
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Stephen sprite by sodormatchmaker
Stephen sprite
Tada! Here's a little present for my friends; a sprite of Stephen the "Rocket" from Thomas and Friends. Hope you like it.:D

Thomas and Friends (c) Hit and Mattel
The Railway Series (c) Rev. Wilbert Awdry
Sprites (c) :iconmarzipanhomestar66: and me.
*Intermission Ends*

Edward and Fluttershy scolded the twins severely for their joke on Gordon. Actually Edward did most of the scolding while Fluttershy used The Stare on them.

Fluttershy: *sternly* That was a very bad thing to do boys. I'm very disappointed in both of you.

Bill and Ben: *intimidated* Yes Fluttershy. Sorry, Fluttershy.

Gordon: Ha! Serves you right for trying to mess with me. *blows raspberries at Bill and Ben*

Edward: Actually Gordon, their teasing served you right.

Gordon was furious.

Gordon: *grumbles to himself*

A few days later, some enthusiasts came. On their last afternoon, they went to the China Clay Works. Edward found it hard for his engine to start the heavy train.

Edward: *to his engine* Come on, old girl. You can do it.

Fluttershy: Um, should we maybe wait for a banker Edward?

Edward: No no. We've got it.

At last the engine started.

Edward: At last we're off.

Fluttershy: *cheerfully* Yay.

However, not everyone else was that happy.

Henry: Did you see his engine straining?

James: Positively painful.

Gordon: Just pathetic. He should give up and have his engine preserved before it's too late.

Duck: Shut up! You're all jealous. Edward's engine is better than any of yours.

BoCo: You're right, Duck. Edward's engine is old, but they'll surprise us all.

Rarity: I just don't understand why they chose an old fashioned engine like Edward's instead of something shiny and splendid like James's engine.

Rainbow Dash: Or an awesome express engine like Gordon's.

Applejack: Rainbow Dash, y'all know the branch lines aren't as strong as the main lines.

Big Macintosh: Eeyup. No main line engines allowed. They'd be too heavy.

Applejack: And Rarity, y'all know that Edward's engine is just as useful as James's.

Rarity: I know, but couldn't he have made it more dazzling with a better coat of paint, or some ribbons on the sides? Ooh, and maybe some gems sprinkled lovingly around the wheels and buffer beams.

Applejack: *facepalms* Typical Rartiy.

Bill and Ben were delighted with their vistors. They loved being photographed and took the party to the workings in a Brake Van Special.

Snips: We're celebs!

Snails: Yeah. Maybe they'll put our faces on T-Shirts.

Bill: Or breakfast cereals.

Ben: Or maybe our cartoon show. It'll be called China Clay Misadvantures.

On the way home, however, the weather changed. Wind and rain buffeted Edward and Fluttershy. The engine's sanding gear failed, the wheels slipped, and Edward rode in front dropping sand on the rails by hand.

Edward: *trying to stay strong against the storm* Come on! Come on! This is dreadful.

Fluttershy was getting very worried about her friend. She was afraid that he would be blown away by the wind and never be heard from again. And she was nervous about driving the engine by herself. But there was worse to come. Before Fluttershy could check them, the engine's wheels slipped fiercely again and again. With a shrieking crack, something broke and batter the frame and splashers out of shape.

Fluttershy: *gasps* Oh dear!

The passengers gathered around while Edward inspected the damage. Repairs took some time. Poor Fluttershy was very upset. She thought that she had done something wrong.

Fluttershy: *almost about to cry* I'm so sorry Edward. I didn't mean to break your engine.

Edward: *comfortingly* It wasn't your fault, Fluttershy. One of the crank pins broke. I took the siderods off, now it's a single, like an old fashioned engine.

Fluttershy: You think we can get these people home? They must start back tonight.

Edward: We can try.

They backed down to where the line was more nearly level. The engine puffed and pulled its hardest. But the wheels kept slipping, and it just could not start the heavy train.

The passengers were getting anxious. Edward, Fluttershy, and the Guard went along the train, making adjustments to the coaches. But Fluttershy was a bit confused.

Fluttershy: What are we doing, Edward?

Edward: We're loosening the couplings, Fluttershy. That way we can pick up our coaches one by one, like how we do with freight cars.

Fluttershy: *gratefully* Oh that will be much easier.

So with Edward carefully sanding in front, Fluttershy gently opened the regulator.

Edward: *to his engine* Come on, girl. You can do it.

Fluttershy: *nervously* I hope nothing else bad happens.

The engine's wheels moved causiously forward, ready to take the strain as the tender coupling tightened against the weight of the first coach. The first coach moving helped to start the second. The second helped the third, and so on down the train.

Fluttershy: *cheerfully* We've done it! We've done it!

The engine's wheels spun in excitement.

Edward: Steady girl. Well done, Fluttershy. We've got them! We've got them!

And they listened happily to the engine's steady beat as it forged slowly but surely up the hill. The passengers were thrilled. Most had their heads out of the windows. They waved and shouted, cheering them on.

Meanwhile. Sir Topham Hatt paced the platform. Henry with the special train waited anxiously too. Then they heard a whistle and at last, battered, weary, but unbeaten, Edward's engine steamed in.

Edward: We made it!

Fluttershy: *in excitement* WE DID IT! WE GOT THE PASSENGERS HOME! YAY!!! *hugs Edward*

Sir Topham Hatt stepped angrily forward and pointed at the clock. But excited passengers swept him aside. They cheered and thanked Edward and Fluttershy to the echo before rushing off to get into Henry's train. Henry's engine steamed away to another storm of cheers, but not before everyone knew Edward and Fluttershy's story.

Edward went thankfully to the shed while Duck and BoCo saw to it that he was left in peace. Gordon and James remained respectfully silent. Applejack and Big Macintosh had their own talk with Rarity and Rainbow Dash, getting them to apologize for what they had said. But all 4 were very proud of Fluttershy.

Rainbow Dash: You actually got to drive the engine by yourself without anybody else in the cab? That's so awesome!

Rarity: It must have taken a lot of courage, Fluttershy.

Fluttershy: Well I was scared at first, but we had to get the passengers home.

Applejack: Ah'd say ya did a great job there, partner.

Big Macintosh: Eeyup. *hugs Fluttershy*

Fluttershy: *blushes redder than James's engine*

Sir Topham Hatt asked BoCo to look after Edward's branch line while his engine was being mended. BoCo was pleased. He worked well, and now they run it together. Bill and Ben still tease him, but BoCo doesn't mind. He lives at Edward's staton, but is welcome anywhere because he is now one of the family.

Donald and Douglas were the last to accept him. But he often helps with their goods trains. And just the other day, they were heard to remark...

Donald and Douglas: For a diesel driver, yon BoCo's nea a bad sort of fellow.

That, from the Scottish twins, is high praise indeed. And as for Fluttershy, she's much happier that now she gets to spend some more time with Big Macintosh. Aren't you, Fluttershy?

Fluttershy: Eeyup. *cuddles with Big Macintosh*

Main Line Engineers part 4
At last, the final part of Main Line Engineers. In this part, based on Edward's Exploit, Edward and Fluttershy struggle to get some enthusiasts home when their engine has some trouble. Also includes some FlutterMac moments.

Thomas and Friends (c) Hit and Mattel
The Railway Series (c) Rev. Wilbert Awdry
My Little Pony Friendship is Magic (c) Hasbro
*Intermission Ends*

Thomas's branchline is important and so is Edward's. They both bring in valuable traffic. But their track and bridges aren't as strong as the ones on the main line. That's why Sir Topham Hatt does not allow heavier main line engines like Gordon's or Henry's to run on them. If however, you had heard Gordon talking to Edward a short while ago, you would have thought Sir Topham Hatt had forbidden his engine running on them for a completely different reason.

Gordon: *pouting* It's not fair.

Edward: What isn't fair?

Gordon: Letting branch line diesels pull main line trains.

Rainbow Dash: Gordon's still pretty upset about BoCo taking the express after James's little bee problem.

Fluttershy: Never mind, Gordon. I'm sure BoCo will let you take his cars sometimes. That way it would be fair.

Gordon spit out the soda he was drinking while Fluttershy spoke.

Gordon: I won't pull BoCo's dirty cars! I won't run on branch lines either!

Edward: Why not? It would be a nice change.

Gordon: *loftly* Sir Topham Hatt would never approve. Branchlines are vulgar.

Rainbow Dash just rolled her eyes and got into the cab as the engine puffed away with Gordon at the controls in a dignified manner. Edward chuckled and he followed them to the station with Fluttershy.

Every evening, two fast trains leave Knapford Station within 5 minutes. The 6:25 is Gordon's for the mainline. Edward's at 6:30 runs along the branch. Usually, everything ran like clockwork. But tonight, there was trouble.

Gordon and Rainbow Dash say it was the lady's fault. She wore a green, floppy hat and was saying goodbye to a friend sitting in a coach nearest the guard's van. It was almost time for Gordon to start. Rainbow Dash looked back and saw something green waving.

Rainbow Dash: Right away, G!

She thought it was the guard's flag, but it wasn't. Gordon started, leaving some luggage, several indignant passengers, and the guard all standing on the platform. By the time Gordon had brought his train back, Edward's train was overdue.

Sir Topham Hatt: *crossly* You've missed your path, Gordon. Now we must clear Edward's train before you can start.

Rainbow Dash: It wasn't our fault. It was that lady's dumb hat. I thought it was the guard's flag.

Gordon: Really? Or were you busy looking for Soarin?

Rainbow Dash: *blushes furiously* So not funny!

Gordon: *laughs*

So Edward went first. This was supposed to fix everything, but the signalmen were not informed of the delay. So by mistake, Edward went down the main line while Gordon went down the branch. It took Sir Topham Hatt several hours to sort out the tangle and passify the passengers. In the end, Gordon was left, with his engine's fire drawn, cold and cross on one of Edward's sidings while Rainbow Dash was given a lift home by Soarin.

Rainbow Dash: *blushing* Ohmygosh, ohmygosh, ohmygosh!

Soarin: Doesn't Gordon want a lift home too?

Rainbow Dash: He's far too proud to let anyone see him now that they heard about the mishap.

Gordon: *to himself* Oh the indignity.

Bill and Ben came into the yard next morning with Snips and Snails. They wondered if BoCo had brought any cars for them. But they didn't mind.

Bill: Looks like there's no cars for us yet.

Snips: Lets sneak over to Rainbow Dash's place and read her diary to everyone at Knapford.

Ben: No, Snips. It would be much more fun teasing Gordon.

Snails: Dude's got a point. Would also teach Gordon a lesson.

So they came up closer to Gordon's engine while Gordon kept himself covered with his jacket trying to sleep.

Bill: *loudly* What on earth is that?

Ben: Shh! It's Gordon's engine.

Snips: It looks like Gordon's engine, but it can't be.

Snails: Yeah. Gordon never comes on branch lines. He thinks them vulgar.

Gordon pretended he hadn't heard.

Ben: If it's not Gordon and his engine, it's just some looney in a pile of old iron.

Bill: Which we'd better take to the scrapyard.

Ben: Oh no, Bill. This lot's useless as scrap. We'll take it to the harbor, dump it in the sea, and send the looney hiding in it to the insane asylum.

Gordon was alarmed.

Gordon: *alarmed* I am Gordon! And this is my engine! Stop! Stop!

But the twins payed no attention. Snips and Sails had pinned him to the ground and put ice down the back of his shirt as the twins argued loudly and long. Bill favored the scrapyard idea.

Ben: Cutting it up in such places is far too cruel. It would be kinder to give these remains a quick end in the sea. Besides, they would make a lovely splash.

Bill: And our looney friend would have most fun in the asylum singing "Daisy Daisy" with his fellow inmates.

Gordon shut his eyes, preparing for the worst, and not imagining either scenario in a positive manner.

Gordon: *whimpering* I want my mommy! If only Rainbow Dash were here.

Up to that time, Gordon had disapproved of diesels. They were, he considered, ugly, smelly, and noisy. But when he opened his eyes and saw BoCo's engine coming into the yard, He thought it the most beautiful sight he had ever seen.

Gordon: *begging* BoCo, my dear friend! Save me, please!

BoCo and Big Macintosh quickly sized up the situation, and sent Bill and Ben about their business. They were cheeky at first, but BoCo threatened to take away the coal cars he had brought for them. This made the twins and their interns behave at once. Gordon thought he was wonderful.

Gordon: Those little demons! How do you do it?

BoCo: Ah well. It's just a knack.

Big Macintosh: Eeyup.

Gordon thinks to this day that BoCo and Big Macintosh saved his life. But we know that the twins were only teasing, don't we?

Main Line Engineers part 3
Here's the next part of Main Line Engineers. In this part, based on Wrong Road, Gordon complains about branch lines, but soon eats his own words when he goes down one due to an incident at the station.

Thomas and Friends (c) Hit and Mattel
The Railway Series (c) Rev. Wilbert Awdry
My Little Pony Friendship is Magic (c) Hasbro


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Got this from :icondanielarkansanengine:

There are some people who are getting too fake here on DA. They only want posts, comments, or to see how many friends they can get. So let's see who will actually re-post this. This is a test to see how many people in my friends list actually pay attention. Copy and re-post in your own bulletin Let's see who the true friends are... Re-post this if you are a friend... Don't reply... Just copy and paste this in a new journal as "Fake Friends"
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