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Chase Me by thekirbykrisis

This looks like it could be an interesting scene for an upcoming story. The atmosphere of a chase in the night fits perfectly. The way ...

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Opening up at Knapford Park, Thomas Billinton and Spencer Gresley were both in the middle of their duel, and it didn't look so good for the former.

Thomas (LP: 2300) had both Dark Magician and Obnoxious Celtic Guard on his side of the field.

Spencer (LP: 1600) had both Maiden with Eyes of Blue, and a Blue-Eyes White Dragon on his side of the field.

Thomas was still in the middle of his Battle Phase, but was still staring in awe and fear at the sight of Spencer's dragon. Meanwhile, the other Tidmouth Teens were all still matching the match going on, and they were very worried about their blue-haired friend.

"Oh man," said James. "Thomas is in trouble.

"Look how long it took him to take down that XYZ-Dragon Cannon," said Toby. "Now he has a Blue Eyes White Dragon to deal with."

"And don't forget that there are two more in that deck." Percy reminded Toby.

"And Thomas probably used up his best cards at the start and to fend off Spencer's attacks and counters." Henry added.

"It will take a miracle for him to pull through," said Gordon.

"Might be MORE than a miracle," thought Thomas. Then he looked at Spencer.

"What's the matter?" Spencer grinned. "Losing your good luck? How quaint."

Thomas merely glared and looked at his current hand. Nothing he had right now would be able to help him. All he could do was try to hold out for something helpful.

"I switch my Dark Magician to defense mode." Thomas said finally, switching his monster card sideways, causing Dark Magician to kneel down into a defensive stance. "That finishes my turn."

"As I expected," sniffed Spencer. "All you can do now is wait for me to finish you off."

Thomas's friends watched as Thomas stood his ground, trying his hardest to be brave.

"Thomas..." said Emily quietly.

(Cue intro)

The Challenge Part 2: The Heart of the Cards

"My turn now!" Spencer announced, and drew his card.

Turn Fifteen: Spencer Gresley (LP: 1600)
Deck: (20)
Current Hand (2): De-Fusion, Burst Stream of Destruction

"I'll play this Spell card." He slid the card into a spell/trap slot. A hologram of the card appeared face-up. "Burst Stream of Destruction!"

"Oh no," said Edward. "Now since Spencer has a Blue Eyes White Dragon out, he can destroy one of Thomas's monsters right away!"

"Precisely," said Spencer. "But luckily, I won't be able to attack after using this effect. Now who should my mighty dragon wipe out?"

He looked around Thomas's field. His smug grin widened.

"I think I'll target...the Dark Magician!" He announced. "Burst Stream of Destruction, fire!"

With that, Blue Eyes let loose another blast of White Lightning that hit the Dark Magician. Thomas's monster tried to hold out but to no avail, and yelled as he was destroyed.

"Dark Magician!” cried Thomas, as he shielded himself from the blast.

"Now you don't even have your best monster to protect you," grinned Spencer. "Good luck trying to beat me with that weakling elf."

Obnoxious Celtic Guardian seemed to glare at Spencer's insult.

"It's my turn now, Spencer," said Thomas, "So get ready!" With no hesitation, he drew his card.


Turn Sixteen: Thomas Billinton (LP: 2300)
Deck: (20)
Current Hand (3): Shift, Dark Magician Girl, and Pot of Greed

"I play the Spell card Pot of Greed!" He held up the Pot of Greed Spell card. "This lets me draw two cards!"

He now had Monster Reborn and Swords of Revealing Light added to his hand.

"Okay, this could buy me some time." Thomas thought, Before holding out Monster Reborn. "Next I activate Monster Reborn!" His graveyard started shooting out a bright light. "I can now revive a monster from either graveyard, and I choose my Dark Magician!"

Dark Magician reappeared next to Obnoxious Celtic Guard, But Thomas wasn't finished yet.

"Now I'll sacrifice my Celtic Guardian!"

The elf warrior had vanished, and the silhouette of a new monster had taken shape.

"What's he up to?" asked Emily.

"I don't know," said Toby. "But I hope it's something good."

"Say hello," said Thomas, "to the Dark Magician's apprentice; The Dark Magician Girl!" He played the card on the monster card zone.

A female spellcaster (and dare I may say, a very pretty looking one) was shown. Her outfit composed of an off-the-shoulders garment that extends to her mid-thighs and ends up as a skirt. It was colored blue with pink trimmings and a few touches of yellow. Also, her hat is pointed, like Dark Magician's, except it was also blue, along with pink rings and a pink spiral on one side. She also wore boots reaching halfway up her thighs, and her wand, which was blue, had a spiral which was very similar to the one on her hat, except that it is yellow. She also wore pink and blue gauntlets. Her most prominent features, however, were the faint pink markings on her cheeks, long blonde hair, and emerald green eyes (ATK: 2000 / DEF: 1700).

Both Gordon and James took one look at the female monster and they nearly popped a vein as their eyes turned into hearts.

"No mortal words can be used to describe such beauty!" cried Gordon.

"Ask her if she's single!" cried James. "And maybe get her phone number too!"

Emily only rolled her eyes. "Boys..." she mumbled.

Spencer, however, wasn't impressed by the new monster nor the Dark Magician returning.

"Those two magicians stand no chance against the might of my Blue Eyes," he said. "I'll just wipe them out again."

"Tell that to my next spell," said Thomas, placing the card in his spell and trap zone. "Swords of Revealing Light!"

Suddenly large swords shaped from light came down from the sky, surrounding Spencer's monsters.

"What is the meaning of this?" demanded Spencer.

"Now for three turns, your monsters cannot declare an attack of any kind." Thomas explained. "I now have some time to think of a way to destroy your Blue-Eyes."

"Good luck trying." Spencer sneered. "My dragon has 3000 attack points, far more than either of your magicians."

"But since your Maiden with Eyes of Blue is in attack mode, and her effects only work once, she’s left wide open!" Thomas pointed forth, making Spencer gasp in horror. "Dark Magician Girl, attack the Maiden with Eyes of Blue with Dark Burning Attack!"

"This is it!" Percy said excitedly. "If the attack succeeds, Thomas wins!"

Dark Magician Girl charged up her wand and fired off a magical blast from the tip of the weapon, heading straight towards Spencer’s maiden.

"I don't think so!" cried Spencer, poking a button on his duel disk. "I had a feeling you would try that, so I reveal my trap card! Attack Guidance Armor!"

Spencer's trap rose to reveal itself as a suit of armor appeared.

"Now my armor will attach itself to any non-attacking monster on the field." Spencer stated. "And I choose for it to attach to my Blue-Eyes White Dragon!"

The cursed armor was now equipped to Blue-Eyes and it roared loudly.

"The monster that is equipped with the cursed armor will become the target of attack now!"

"Oh no!" cried Thomas.

"Now Dark Magician Girl's gonna attack Blue Eyes," said Percy.

Percy was right. Dark Magician Girl's blast was redirected from Maiden with Eyes of Blue to Blue Eyes White Dragon.

Blue-Eyes merely shrugged off the blast, and started to charge up a burst of energy in its mouth.

"Counterattack, Blue-Eyes!" called Spencer. "White Lightning attack!"

Blue-Eyes fired off its attack. Dark Magician watched in horror as his apprentice was destroyed by the counterattack. Thomas was also shocked to see what happened to his monster (LP: 1300).

Spencer merely laughed. "Now that was a close call," he said. "But it's a good thing I planned ahead just in case."

James and Gordon were now enraged at what Spencer had done and their eyes turned into flames of anger.

"How dare you destroy such an innocent beauty like that!" roared Gordon.

"You will pay for this disrespectful behavior, you monster!" yelled James as he and Gordon charged at Spencer with their fists drawn. Edward and Toby both held the two angry teenage boys from running forth to the dueling field.

"Take it easy, you two!" Toby scolded. "It was just a hologram!"

Realizing he had nothing left to do, Thomas sighed. "My turn is over."

"As predicted," said Spencer. "Now watch as my deck continues to show its might.” He draw his card.

Turn Seventeen: Spencer Gresley (LP: 1600)
Deck: (19)
Current Hand (2): De-Fusion, Card of Demise

"I'll play this Spell card: Card of Demise!" Spencer announced, sliding the card into a spell/trap slot. "Now I get to draw until I hold five cards!" He drew four cards. "And after five turns go by, I must discard my entire hand."

He now had two more Blue-Eyes White Dragons, Lord of Dragons, and Luster Dragon #2 added to his hand.

"Just two more cards, and I'll show him real fear." Spencer thought to himself. "I'll end my turn now."

Thomas only narrowed his eyes and drew his next card.

Turn Eighteen: Thomas Billinton (LP: 1300)
Deck: (17)
Current Hand (2): Shift, Mystical Refpanel

"Still nothing." Thomas thought in frustration. "I'll pass."

Spencer drew his next card silently.

Turn Nineteen: Spencer Gresley (LP: 1600)
Deck: (14)
Current Hand (6): De-Fusion, Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Lord of Dragons, Luster Dragon #2, DeSpell

"I'll set one card facedown." He slid one card into a spell/trap slot. A hologram of a facedown card appeared behind Blue Eyes White Dragon.

"You don't stand a chance against me, Billinton," said Spencer proudly. "Once I get what I need, you're finished!"

"We'll see," said Thomas, as he drew his next card.


Turn Twenty: Thomas Billinton (LP: 1300)
Deck: (16)
Current Hand (3): Shift, Mystical Refpanel, Magical Hats

"I'll I can do now is hope that these two cards can help me buy more time." Thomas thought to himself, and took two of the cards (Magical Hats and Mystical Refpanel). "I'll set two cards facedown." Two holograms of facedown cards appeared, with one of them appearing behind Dark Magician. "And that's my turn."

"It looks like Thomas is running out of options," said James.

"We have to keep believing in him," said Emily.

"Fat lot of good that'll do," sniffed Spencer. "It would be much easier and less embarrassing if he just surrendered." Spencer drew his next card.

His eyes widened at what he drew, and his smile grew evil.

Turn Twenty-One: Spencer Gresley (LP: 1600)
Deck: (13)
Current Hand (6): Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Lord of Dragons, Luster Dragon #2, DeSpell, Polymerization

"This duel is mine, Billinton." he said gleefully. "The time has come for me to win!"

"What are you planning to do?!" Thomas demanded.

"Why tell you when I can SHOW you instead?" asked Spencer, taking a card from his hand. "But first I activate DeSpell! This lets me destroy one spell card on the field. So your swords of revealing light are about to go out!"

The Swords around Spencer's monsters shattered.

"Oh no!" cried Thomas. "Now your Blue Eyes is free to attack!"

"Exactly!" said Spencer. "And it gets a lot worse. Because if you couldn't beat one Blue Eyes, then how do you expect to handle THREE?" He held up the card he had drawn earlier. "I activate the spell card Polymerization!"

Thomas and the Tidmouth Teens all watched in complete terror.

"Oh no!" cried Percy. "He's about to summon the monster that beat me!"

"Oh yes!" Spencer shouted dramatically, and slide the Polymerization card into one of his spell/trap slots. "Behold Polymerization! With it, I fuse my Blue-Eyes White Dragon with the two that are in my hand!"

Two more Blue-Eyes appear beside the already present one, and they began merging.

"Now I create a duel monster without peer! With an attack force so great no monster can stand against him!"

Once the fusion ended, the three Blue-Eyes White Dragons had now become one. This new dragon had three Blue-Eyes heads and even stronger scales. The heads all roared at once and generated a shock-wave that Thomas tried his hardest to stay on his feet.

"I create the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon!" Spencer finished.

"That thing is huge!" cried Emily.

"Well now we know there IS something bigger than Spencer's opinion of himself," said Gordon to himself.

"You should have surrendered when you had the chance, Billinton," said Spencer. "Now prepare to be humiliated! Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon, attack Dark Magician with Neutron Blast!"

The three headed Blue-Eyes charged up a multi-colored blast from their mouths and then fired a blast bigger than Blue-Eyes White Dragon's White Lightning. Thomas had to make this move quick.

"I reveal my facedown card!" he cried, pressing a button on his Duel Disk. This caused the first facedown card to flip up and reveal itself. "I'll conceal my Dark Magician with Magical Hats!"

Just like that, four large striped hats popped out of the card and scattered around, causing the Dark Magician to disappear.

"What?!" cried Spencer. "What is the meaning of this?"

"Now you only have a 1 in 4 chance of hitting my magician." Thomas smirked. "If you hit it, you win. But miss, then it will buy me another chance."

Spencer scowled, but quickly smiled confidently.

"I know exactly where the Dark Magician is," he said. "This duel is over. Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon, destroy the hat on the far right!"

Obeying, the three headed dragon charged another blast and unleashed it on the hat, destroying it.

Spencer snickered as he the dust clouded the dueling field.

"I win!"

When the dust cleared, the hat was revealed to be...empty.

"No! I've missed." Spencer growled in frustration.

"Yeah!" cheered Percy. "Thomas still has another chance to turn this duel around.

"That was considerably lucky," said Edward.

"So you've managed to survive this turn." Spencer scoffed. "It doesn't matter, just look at my monster!"

Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon let out yet another shock-wave-like roar (ATK: 4500 / DEF: 3800).

"There's not a card in your deck that can defeat it!" said Spencer proudly.

“Can it, Spencer!” snapped Percy. “You can beat him, Thomas.” Spencer just sniffed.

"On my next turn," he thought to himself, "if Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon fails again to destroy the Dark Magician, I'll use De-Fusion to split it into my 3 Blue Eyes White Dragons and attack with them, winning me the duel. Then Thomas will see not to mess with a professional duelist like me."

Thomas looked at the mighty three headed dragon staring him down with its menacing eyes.

"I have to draw the right card and counter that dragon," he thought. "If not, I'm in trouble."

Thomas slowly reached for his deck, but to him, it seemed like the deck was sliding away from him.

"What's going on?" he asked himself. "Are the cards resisting?" He then realized something. "No, it's ME. I'm too scared that I'll draw the wrong card and lose."

"Don't lose focus, Thomas!" called Edward. "Don't lose faith!"

"Huh?" Thomas gasped, and turned around.

He saw his friends watching him, and they started talking to him.

"Thomas, we know you can do it!" called Emily. "While you’re still rather new to the game, you've proven so far to be a match for that jerk!"

"If you give up now, then you and I will never hear the end of it!" Gordon threw in. "You HAVE to win this duel!"

"We're your friends, and you've never given up on us." Henry stated. "And remember that we're always there for you."

"Remember what you told Spencer before your duel began?" Percy asked. "You said you would beat him and restore my spirit as a duelist. You can't back down on your word now!"

"You still have a card in your deck that will help you!" Toby threw in. "Just believe in yourself, and your cards, and you'll draw it!"

"Yeah!" James agreed. "Now go and kick Spencer's butt, buddy!"

Thomas felt his mind growing calmer, and he smiled at his band of friends.

"Thank you, everyone," he said quietly. "I'm not afraid anymore.

"It's your turn, Billinton!" called Spencer, interrupting their moment. "Quit stalling and make a move. Or have you given up hope of defeating me and plan to surrender?"

"I haven't given up hope, Spencer," said Thomas, turning to face the silver haired jerk. "You may have a deck full of power cards and a rich family, but I have something that you don’t have; true friends. They believe in me, and I believe in the heart of the cards!" With that, he fiercely drew his card. He smiled as he looked at what he had just drawn.


Turn Twenty: Thomas Billinton (LP: 1300)
Deck: (15)
Current Hand (2): Shift and Card of Sanctity

"For my first move, I play the Spell card Card of Sanctity!" He declared, holding it up for Spencer to see. "This allows both of us to draw until we hold six cards in our hands."

"You're just stalling." Spencer snorted, and drew four cards.

Thomas drew five cards and looked at them. He now had Spider Web, Emblem of Dragon Destroyer, Diffusion-Wave Motion, Skilled Dark Magician, and Skull Archfiend of Lightning added to his hand, but the three Spell cards were what he really needed.

"I remove my Dark Magician from the Magical Hats." Thomas announced.

The top of the middle hat opened and the Dark Magician came out from it.

"So you've decided not to hide anymore," smirked Spencer.

"Next I activate the spell card Emblem of Dragon Destroyer," said Thomas, placing the card in the spell and trap zone. "With this, I can add Buster Blader to my hand." A card came out from Thomas's deck and he added it to his hand. "And now for the spell Spider Web! This lets me add a spell from your grave that was sent there last turn to my hand."

A silky rope shot out from the holographic image of the card and into Spencer's Graveyard. It pulled out a card and Thomas caught it.

"And the card I chose is Polymerization!" Thomas declared, holding the card for Spencer to see.

"Polymerization?" Spencer blinked, just before realizing. "Wait, that's mean you're gonna perform a second fusion summon!"

"Correct!" Thomas replied, sliding the card into his Duel Disk. "And now I shall activate Polymerization!"

A hologram of the card appeared on the field.

"I fuse Dark Magician with the Buster Blader in my hand," declared Thomas. A hologram of Buster Blader, a swordsman dressed in full dark purple with a huge Sword appeared besides Dark Magician before the two were fused together. "Behold the Dark Paladin!"

Appearing before them was what appeared to be the Dark Magician, but with a light bluish skin. His robes had also changed to a darkish green with yellow trims. And his staff now looked like it had a blade on top of it (ATK: 2900/ DEF: 2400).

Spencer's horrified expression quickly wore off.

"If that's the best you've got, then you're sorely mistaken." he said. "Your paladin only has 2900 attack points, and my Ultimate Dragon has 4500...not that it even matters to me anyway." He pressed a button on his Duel Disk. "I reveal my facedown card, De-Fusion!"

The facedown card on Spencer's side of the field flipped up and revealed itself.

"Now your fusion monster will return to the monsters used to summon it!" Spencer said proudly.

"Not so fast!" objected Thomas. "You activated my trap card!" He poked a button and his facedown card rose. "Mystical Refpanel! This trap will counter your spell and let me use its effect instead! So your Ultimate Dragon shall split apart!"

Spencer's eyes widened with horror as his Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon was split back into the three original Blue-Eyes White Dragons each (ATK: 3000 / DEF: 2500).

"No, not my Ultimate Dragon!" he thought to himself furiously, he quickly calmed himself. "You may have split my monster up, but now you face three hungry Blue-Eyes White Dragons." His expression grew more sinister. "On my next turn, I'll destroy your Dark Paladin, and wipe out the rest of your life points!"

"That's where you're wrong, Spencer!" said Thomas. "I play Dark Paladin's special ability. For every dragon on the field and in the graveyard, he gains 500 attack points."

"For each dragon?" cried Spencer. "No, it can't be!"

Dark Paladin's scepter began glowing as he started to gain considerable power (ATK: 2900 -> 4900 / DEF: 2400).

"Finally, I play my final Spell card." Thomas slid his card into the Duel Disk. The card materialized already flipped up. "Diffusion-Wave Motion!"

"What?!” gasped Spencer.

"By giving up 1000 life points," explained Thomas (LP: 300), "My Dark Paladin can attack every monster on your side of the field. Dark Paladin, destroy Spencer's monsters and finish this duel!"

Dark Paladin started charging his scepter. The power boost from the four dragons and from Diffusion-Wave Motion made him so strong that his staff started crackling with great power.

"THOMAS!" screamed Spencer. "I CAN'T LOSE, NOT TO YOU!!!"

"Well, I'm afraid it's too late for that." Thomas retorted, before giving the final command. "Dark Paladin, attack!"

Dark Paladin slammed his scepter onto the ground, causing a shock-wave of magical energy to shatter all of Spencer's monsters. Spencer could only scream in horror as his life points reached 0 (LP: 0)

WINNER: Thomas Billinton


"He did it!" cried Emily. "Thomas one!"

Spencer could only fall to his knees as the remains of his deck fell out of his Duel Disk.

"But, how-?" he asked himself. "All the tournaments I've won, the most powerful deck could I lose?"

"No matter how powerful your cards may be, Spencer," Thomas explained, "without heart, they're meaningless. But when you link yourself to your deck and believe in the heart of the cards, miracles can happen."

With the duel over, the hologram of Dark Paladin disappeared. Spencer had felt his anger reaching its breaking point.

"Heart of the Cards?!" he shouted in disgust. "That's complete nonsense! Cards are all about power! And I'll get even with you one day, Billinton! Mark my words!"

With that, he scooped up his remaining cards and walked away in a rage. As soon as he was gone, the remaining Tidmouth Teens all approached their blue-haired friend.

"That was so awesome!" said James.

"You literally mopped the floor with Spencer," said Henry.

"How does it feel?" asked Toby.

Thomas didn't know what to say. He just beat a champion duelist, and it was so shocking for him to think about it.

"I-I, don't know what to say." Thomas admitted.

Emily smiled. "Well I do." Without any warning, she pulled Thomas into a hug, causing the younger boy to blush as he returned it.

"Congratulations, Thomas," Emily said quietly.


Meanwhile, somewhere in the country of the United States. Inside a fancy dining hall of a very rich house, the mysterious figure (who was at Sodor's Mall) was seated at the table reading his comic book and sipping some wine from a wine glass. Suddenly, he was greeted by a butler of some sort.

"Yes?" said the figure, without even turning towards his butler. “And how did the duel turn out?”

"Sir." The butler bowed politely. "The winner has been decided: It was the Thomas Billinton kid."

The man smiled. "As I expected." he said. "Pack some of my stuff, please. I'm going to meet with our chosen one."

"As you wish, master."

(Cue credits)
2 - The Challenge: The Heart of the Cards
Here's the second chapter of Yu-Gi-Oh the Sodor Chronicles. Picking up where the last chapter left off, Thomas finds himself facing one of Spencer's Blue Eyes White Dragons. Will he be able to overcome this obstacle with encouragement from his friends? Also introduces a new running gag for the stories.:lol:

Chapter 2: The Challenge (2): The Heart of the Cards
Yu-Gi-Oh Episode Basis: Heart of the Cards
Thomas Episode Basis: N/A
(The sun begins to set over a view of the sea. Thomas Billinton is seen watching it set from atop a hill)

Call My Name
I can hear you as clear as day
As you call out for comfort in the darkest night
I'm your friend. Even though we're apart we'll always be one against even your deepest fright.

(It has become nighttime and Thomas starts walking alone through the woods as the credits play, showing who was voiced by who)

Thomas - Joseph May

Edward - William Hope

Henry - Keith Wickham

Gordon - Kerry Shale

James - Rob Rackstraw

Percy - Christopher Ragland

Toby - William Hope

Emily - Jules de Jongh

Spencer - Glenn Wrage

Shop owner - Joe Mills

(As Thomas continues through the dark, he sees spirits of some of his monsters; Dark Magician, Dark Magician Girl, Kuriboh, the Poker Knight trio, etc. He smiles as he carries on)

Never doubt destiny, for it controls all of our fates.
We must go forward in a world we can't escape.
Who knows what life has in store for us
Inside this endless game, where we will test our trust.

(The sun starts to shine brightly, causing Thomas to cover his eyes. When he uncovers them, he can see his friends waiting for him on top of a hill, smiling down at him. This makes him smile as he races towards them.)

For we are all in our own way, chosen for greatness
Although we never know quite what it is,
If we stay strong in our missions, we will find
The rainbow at the end of the storm!

(All 8 friends watch the sun continue to rise over Sodor together)
Outro Credits for Yu-Gi-Oh the Sodor Chronicles
Since I did an intro for :iconmattstonge44: and mine Collab series, here's an outro for it too with credits. This time based on the ending theme for Yu-Gi-Oh Season 0, done as best as possible for English. Here's the original Japanese song.… Hope you like it.:D

Thomas and Friends (c) Hit Entertainment and Mattel

The Railway Series (c) Rev Wilbert Awdry

Yu-Gi-Oh (c) Konami

OCs (c) Me and :iconmattstonge44:
:iconmattstonge44: and I are working on a Collab series called Yu-Gi-Oh the Sodor Chronicles. Take a look if you're a fan of either Thomas and Friends or Yu-Gi-Oh. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.:D
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It was a pleasant day on the Island of Sodor. Inside a bedroom, there was a TV and it was showing a TV show. A brown-haired teenage boy was shown

"Draw your last pathetic card so I can end this, Yugi." The boy grinned evilly.

Another boy was then shown, with extremely extravagant hair featuring multiple layers including long blonde crooked, pointy locks for his fringe; the rest features a set of five large spikes and two smaller spikes coloured black with a magenta sheen along the edges.

"My Grandpa's deck has no pathetic cards, Kaiba." The boy (Yugi) retorted. "But it does contain..." He held up a card, which had a picture of a monster and its stats written below. "-the unstoppable Exodia!"

"Impossible!!!" The brown-haired boy (Kaiba) shouted in horror.

"I've assembled all five special cards!" Yugi announced, laying five cards onto a dueling mat of some sort. "All five pieces of the puzzle!"

Suddenly a huge muscular giant with chains around his neck, hands, and legs stepped out from a portal and faced off against 3 large dragons.

"Exodia!" cried Kaiba in sheer terror at the sight of the creature. "This can't be! Nobody has been able to call him!"

From there, the giant monster (Exodia) started charging something in its hands.

"Exodia, obliterate!" called Yugi.

Exodia fired a sphere of flames to the left, and it destroyed all three dragons in an instant, and soon engulfed Kaiba as he cried out in despair. As a result, the brown-haired boy's score dropped from 1000 down till it hit 0, while Yugi still had a score of 400 points left. This made him the winner of the match.

Zoom out from the TV, two teenage boys were watching that show, and they looked at each other and high-fived excitedly.

"Alright, Yugi!" cheered the blue haired teen. "That was so awesome.”

"You said it," said the green haired teen. "Nothing can beat watching episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh on a Saturday."

"And soon the famous Duel Monsters card game will be released here on Sodor." The blue-haired teen added.

"Yeah, we have to be the first to get a set." The green-haired boy agreed.

(cue intro)

The Challenge Part 1: Thomas vs Spencer

A little while later, the two teens arrived at the entrance of the Sodor mall.

"Man this is going to be awesome, Thomas," said the green haired teen.

"I know, Percy," said the blue haired teen.

These two boys are Thomas Billinton and Percy Avonside, age 14. They've been best friends for years.

"Where are they, though?" Percy asked impatiently. "We have to get to the card shop before a REALLY big line up shows up."

"Thomas! Percy!" called a voice.

That voice came from an older teenage boy. From there, a small group of teenagers walked up to the two boys. The first, Edward Stewart, was 17-years old, had blue hair, wore a blue shirt with the number 2 on front, green overalls, and also had glasses.

Gordon Gresley, 18-years old, had blue hair, wore a blue shirt with the number four on the front and looked fairly muscular on the upper-body, as well as black jeans.

James Hughes, 15-years old, had slick red hair, wore a red jacket (a black sleeveless shirt was underneath) with the number five on the left side, along with bright blue jeans.

Emily Sterling, 15 years old, had long dark green hair with a yellow bow on the back of her head, and wore an emerald green shirt with some yellow triangle patterns, and a green skirt (Emily was often considered to be one of the prettiest and most popular girls in Sodor High School).

Henry Stanier, 18 years old, had long light green hair tied back in a low ponytail, and wore a green shirt with the number three on the upper right side, along with black pants.

Toby Holden, 17 years old, had brown hair, wore a brown cap on his head, and wore a brown shirt with a blue number seven on front, as well as blue (slightly torn) jeans.

Together, the eight teenagers as a group were often called *The Tidmouth Teens*.

"There they are," smiled Thomas, waving to the group. "Hey guys. What took you?"

"Sorry." grumbled Gordon. "Traffic was awful."

"The mall must really be packed today." Emily commented. "I've never seen so many cars parked here."

"Well, that's that Duel Monsters game." chuckled Edward. "It's quite popular here."

"Come on!" Percy grunted, pulling Thomas and Edward both into the building, leaving James, Gordon, Henry, Toby, and Emily to laugh slightly as they followed their friends inside.

When they reached the card shop, they could see a long line of people.

“Wow,” said Emily. “Everyone and their sister must be in here.”

“And why wouldn’t they be?” asked James. “Duel Monsters is the best card game in existence, based off of the popular anime Yu-Gi-Oh.”

“There’s even Starter sets containing cards used by main characters of Yu-Gi-Oh,” said Toby. “Joey Wheeler, Seto Kaiba, and even Yugi Muto himself.”

"The rarest are said to be the Kaiba and Yugi sets." Edward explained. "But the Yugi one is said to be so rare that only one could even exist."

“I still really don't see the point though.” Gordon muttered. “It looks just like a normal trading card game to me.”

Unfortunately, Percy had overheard that comment, and he wasn’t too pleased about it per say.

“JUST A TRADING CARD GAME?!” he shouted, making the rest of the gang reel back a bit. “Gordon, this isn’t just a trading card game-!”

“Um, Percy?” James interrupted, taping Percy on the shoulder. “Before you into that usual speech, could you perhaps take a look at that big crowd at the card store right over there?”


Percy turned around, and saw something to his horror. The line-up of parents, children, and teenagers at the card shop, no doubt to purchase the new Duel Monsters trading card game sets, had gotten so big that it looked like it could take hours to even make it inside. Percy fell to his knees in despair, for he wanted to be the first one there to get the best sets…now that ray of hope was lost.

“Oh, poor Percy.” Edward said sadly, feeling sorry for his friend.

“Yeah, too bad for her.” James agreed…before smiling widely. “Well, if any of you guys need me, I’ll be checking out the stores for any new video games!”

"Count me in, James!" Gordon grinned.

"Hey, wait a min-!" Thomas started to say in protest.

He was too late. Gordon and James had both taken off to the middle of the big mall. Leaving Percy more disappointed than ever. It was then Henry spotted something at a nearby store.

"Wow..." he breathed. “New camping gear..." He looked over to Percy, who only gave a sad sigh. O-oh, I'm sorry, Percy. It's just-""

“Go ahead.” The green-haired boy said unhappily. “We’ll be here waiting till you get back.”

Henry did feel bad about ditching Percy to check out what’s at the camping store…but seeing as he (Percy) said it was okay, Henry left the group and went on towards his place of interest. This left only Thomas, Edward, Toby, and Emily to stay behind.

“Don’t worry, Percy.” said Emily kindly. “We’ll wait with you.”

“Got that right.” smiled Toby.

“And as I promised, I’ll try the game out too.” added Thomas. “Being a big fan of the anime, it might be a lot of fun.”

This made Percy feel better. “Thanks, you guys rule!”

After quite a long time, the line had shortened enough so that Percy could go in.

“At last!” he cried in triumph.

“Good luck, Percy,” said Thomas as his friend went inside.

“One Seto Kaiba starter set, please,” Percy said proudly to the shop owner.

“Sorry, lad,” said the shop owner. “Somebody already came in and bought it.”

Percy felt very disappointed. “Oh bother,” he said unhappily.

“We’ve got a Joey Wheeler starter set, though,” the shop owner added. “Would that do?”

“Sure,” said Percy, feeling a bit better.

So Percy paid for the starter set and left the shop.

“Any luck, Percy?” asked Edward.

“Someone already bought the Kaiba set,” said Percy. “So I got the Joey one.”

“Well I’m next,” said Thomas. He walked into the card shop, completely unaware that a mysterious figure was watching him on a bench out with a black case.

“Excuse me,” said Thomas. “But, would you happen to have any Duel Monster starter sets left?”

The shop owner checked the inventory in the counter but came back, shaking his head.

“Sorry,” he said. “I just sold the last one. Those things are quite popular.”

“Botheration,” said Thomas. “Do you know when more will be in?”

“I phoned in another shipment,” the owner replied, “but it won’t be in for another week. I’m sorry I can’t help you.”

“Oh okay,” said Thomas in a disappointed tone. “Perhaps I should have gotten here earlier.”

Unknown to the two of them, a mysterious figure had been watching from outside the store on a bench. He held a comic in one hand and held another hand on a black case.

“He might be the one,” he said, looking at Thomas. Taking a look at his case, he closed his eyes, and the case briefly filled with a bright yellow light. In the shop, the same yellow light shined inside the counter, catching the shop owner’s attention. When he opened it, he could see what looked like a Duel Monsters Starter Set.

“Hey kid!” he called to Thomas. “Looks like you’re in luck. I guess we had one starter set left after all.”

“Really?” asked Thomas in surprise.

“Yup,” said the shop owner. “You can buy it if you want.”

Thomas didn’t have to be told twice. He paid the shop owner and took his new set.

“Thank you very much,” said Thomas happily as he left the store. The shop owner waved for a bit before a thought came to him.

“I could swear there were no more starter sets left back there,” he said to himself. “Maybe I was just not paying attention or something.”

Later on, outside the shop, Gordon, James, and Henry had each returned from their shopping to see what Thomas and Percy both purchased.

“As you guys can see, I’ve bought the Joey Wheeler starter set.” sighed Percy, looking over the deck he had bought. “One I’d like to consider the worst set ever.”

“Yes, we can see that.” James muttered. He was carrying a small plastic bag containing the PS3 game, Final Fantasy XIII.

“So, what did you get, Thomas?” Henry asked.

Thomas opened up the golden starter set box and took a peek…there, he let out a gasp, though not nearly as much as Percy.

“You’ve got to be kidding me!” The green-haired boy cried in shock.

Inside were thirty booster packs…and a starter deck (and extra deck). One card found at the bottom of the deck was a monster card called *Dark Magician*. Percy instantly recognized the very monster that was used by Yugi Muto in the show, and picked it and the deck up.

“This is the legendary Yugi Muto starter set!” The green-haired boy nearly shrieked. “Even rarer than the Seto Kaiba one! Yugi, the main protagonist’s deck was always considered to be one of the most balanced and strongest decks in the whole show, and you’ve actually purchased it, Thomas!”

“I did?” The blue-haired boy was very surprised to hear that, then grew nervous. "This is pretty mysterious. I really wasn't expecting the rarest set to just be found at the card shop."

“Anyway.” Percy interrupted. “What I want to know is who the one who purchased the Seto Kaiba starter set first was!”

“That would be me!” spoke a new voice.

The Tidmouth Teens all turned around and saw someone standing behind them. It was a boy the same age as Gordon with silver hair, and a hostile yet smug look on his face. His outfit consisted of a long white sleeveless designed coat featuring shoulder pads and a raised studded collar, with a black shirt, with the sleeves coming out from under the coat, and black jean-pants. He also had extra belts in pairs strapped around his upper arms and shins. He was also carrying a metallic briefcase.

The Tidmouth Teens all recognized him instantly.

"SPENCER GRESLEY!" They all exclaimed.

Spencer gave a snobbish smile at seeing those teenagers.

"Well, well." he said snootily. "If it isn't the losers from Sodor High School. Fancy seeing you all here today."

"What are you doing here, Spencer?!" demanded Gordon. "Someone as rich as you should never need to set foot in a mall!"

Spencer wagged a finger from his right hand in a teasing way. "Oh no no no, my dear cousin." He then started to explain. "While you are right that I AM very rich, there are still some things that not even I own." Soon, he proceeded to open his briefcase. "And this so happens to be what I don't have."

He took out a Duel Monsters deck, shuffled it, and then drew three cards with his free hand. From there, Spencer held them up…which were shown to be three *Blue-Eyes White Dragon* monster cards. As expected, the Tidmouth Teens all gasped in horror.

“You mean YOU really do own the set?!” Percy demanded.

“You’re not so dumb after all.” Spencer said with an insult. “Being a very talented gamer that I am, I’ve been playing Duel Monsters since I briefly lived in Japan…seeing as that stupid show was originally made in Japan, and the game itself was originally made by Konami there too. Now that I also own the Seto Kaiba set, I’ll become the greatest duelist here on the Island of Sodor!”

Percy smirked cockily. “Okay, then let’s see how well you really are!”

“Are you challenging me, Avonside?” asked Spencer dangerously.

“You bet I am!”

Spencer Gresley walked over with his deck and stared the green-haired boy square in the eyes.

“Are you that anxious to be humiliated?!” he asked again, this time darkly. “I will have you begging on your knees before it’s over!”

With that said, the two boys sat at the opposite ends of a nearby bench with a table and set up their play mats. Afterward, they shuffled their decks. Finally, they set their decks onto the *deck* field of the mat. From there, they drew their opening hands.

“Ready to lose, Avonside?” asked Spencer (LP: 4000).

“Only if you’re ready to give up!” retorted Percy (LP: 4000).


(Two turns later…)

“Now, Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, wipe out the last of his life points!” called Spencer (LP: 4000).

Percy (LP: ???? -> 0) cried out as he slammed his left hand (containing what cards remained) down onto the bench.

“No! I’ve lost…”

WINNER: Spencer Gresley


Spencer stood up and looked down at the poor green-haired boy. “You were never a match for me.” he sneered. “Being number one has gotten me very far in life, and it always will. Actually, you don’t even deserve to even play this game, seeing as you completely reek at it.”

Henry, Edward, Toby, and Emily all walked over to try and cheer their friend up from his loss. Both James and Gordon looked at Spencer crossly and wanted to say something rather extreme, but felt that they shouldn't. Thomas, however, had finally had enough of that rich snob's attitude by this point.

“You take that back about my friend!” he snapped. “Percy put up a great fight against you!”

“As if!” Spencer retorted. “His monster cards were pathetic, and much of his Spell and Trap Cards required luck. If you ask me, they’re better off in the trash can.”

“Then take me on!” Thomas challenged.

Spencer smirked. “Oh, so you want to be humiliated like your friend here, Billinton?”

“No!” Thomas seethed. “I’m fighting to restore my friend’s spirit…which you selfishly took away!”

“Fine, I accept your challenge!” Spencer picked up his deck and neatly put it inside his briefcase. “Meet me in the park tomorrow morning. –and don’t be late.”

Feeling satisfied, the silver-haired boy walked away laughing rudely. The Tidmouth Teens all watched him leave, before looking over to Percy, who was feeling very angry…angry with himself for losing that easily.

“I’m sorry.” he sighed. “I thought I could beat him.”

“You tried your best, that's all that matters.” Henry reassured.

"But I guess it just wasn't good enough to defeat Spencer," said Percy sadly.

"I'm going to make Spencer pay for humiliating you like that, Percy," said Thomas with a determined look on his face.

Early the next morning at the park, Thomas and the others had arrived while waiting for that rich cousin of Gordon's to arrive.

"Where is he?" questioned James. "He's late!"

"Maybe he forgot about the challenge?" Henry suggested. "I mean, he must be very busy with helping run his father's company."

"Then maybe Thomas could win by default," said Percy. "I mean what's the use of the duel of Spencer's not even going to show up?"

"Unfortunately..." called a familiar voice.”You're all wrong."

It was Spencer, wearing his usual outfit of a long white sleeveless designed coat featuring shoulder pads and a raised studded collar, with a black shirt, with the sleeves coming out from under the coat, and black jean-pants. He also had extra belts in pairs strapped around his upper arms and shins. Unlike yesterday, today he had a white device of some sort on his left arm.

"I see you didn't chicken out, Billinton." Spencer teased. "But after today, you'll wish that you did."

"Back off, Spencer!" Emily snapped. "Thomas will wipe the floor with you!"

"Yeah!" agreed Henry.

Just then, Percy noticed the device on Spencer's arm.

"What exactly is that on your left arm?" he asked.

"Oh, that. It's a little something that Billinton and I will be using for our duel." Spencer explain, as he opened he briefcase took out a second white device. "The latest invention from my dad's company."

With that said, he tossed the second device over to Thomas, who caught it and looked at it carefully. Emily, James, and Toby each looked at it too.

"It looks like some kind of over-sized watch," said Emily.

"I've never seen anything like it," said Toby.

"It's called a Duel Disk," explained Spencer. "You may find that it brings a bit more *life* to the game."

"Life?" quizzed Thomas, as he slipped the disk onto his left arm. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"You'll find out." Spencer retorted. "Now, just shuffle your deck and insert it into the card holder right here. A life point counter will light up and keep score for you the entire match. To activate your disk, just hold out your arm..." As he explained, he held out his left arm and the two folds attached to the disk came together into a blade of some sort. "-and the flaps with come together into a field. Complete with five monster card slots, and five slots for playing and/or setting spells and traps. There's also a special field for field-type Spell cards."

So Thomas shuffled his deck and inserted it into the card holder like Spencer told him. And after holding his arm out, the two folds attached to the disk came together.

"Are you ready to play, Billinton?" asked Spencer as his life point meter lit (LP: 4000).

"Play time is over, Spencer!" said Thomas as his own life point meter lit up (LP: 4000).  "It's time to duel!"

"Come at me, Billinton!" replied Spencer fiercely.

Turn One: Spencer Gresley (LP: 4000)
Deck: (35)
Current Hand (5): Ryu-Kishin Powered, Magic Reflector, Cloning, Vorse Raider, and X-Head Cannon

"Heh, this will be too easy." thought Spencer. He selected a card from his hand. "I summon Vorse Raider in attack mode!"

He laid the card onto a monster slot on the disk and it suddenly lit up.

Within seconds, appearing before Spencer was the monster he had just played, giving a fierce roar. (ATK: 1900/DEF: 1200)

Thomas and the rest of the Tidmouth Team gasped in shock.

"He just brought the monster in that card to life!" cried Henry.

"How was that even possible?" asked James.

Spencer chuckled. "You like it? It's all thanks to my dad's company developing Solid Vision technology. With it, any card we play can be become near real. But don't worry, they're only holograms, so there's no real danger in playing."

"I see." said Thomas bravely. "Then let's see what I can do to even the odds."

"Go right ahead." Spencer dared. "Just remember that you're playing against a real champ."

Thomas only drew his first card.

Turn Two: Thomas Billinton (LP: 4000)
Deck: (34)
Current Hand (6): Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts, Berfomet, Polymerization, Mirror Force, Multiply, Giant Soldier of Stone

"I know the perfect way to take his Vorse Raider down." he thought to himself, just before taking three cards from his hand.

"I activate the spell card Polymerization!" Thomas announced, placing the card in the spell and trap card zone. A large hologram of the spell appeared before them. "With this card, I can summon a fusion monster from my extra deck by fusing 2 or more monsters. So I fuse Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts with Berformet!"

Thomas's two monsters (Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts and Berfomet) appeared before him just before suddenly fusing together into a new monster. One that looked like a combination between Gazelle and Berfomet, a Chimera of some sort. (ATK: 2100 / DEF: 1800)

"I fusion summon Chimera the Flying Mythical Beast!"

"That monster's attack points are greater than Vorse Raider's," said Toby. "Spencer doesn't stand a chance."

"Chimera," said Thomas, "attack Vorse Raider with Pulverizing Pounce!"

Chimera obeyed and charged at Vorse Raider. Spencer's monster tried to fight back, but it wasn't strong enough and was eventually forced onto its back until it shattered.

Spender grunted a bit after his monster was destroyed (LP: 3800).

"Lucky shot, Billinton!" growled Spencer. "You don't go thinking that you're gonna win. This duel has only started! And now, it's my turn!"

Fiercely, he drew his next card.

Turn Three: Spencer Gresley (LP: 3800)
Deck: (34)
Current Hand (5): Ryu-Kishin Powered, Magic Reflector, Cloning, X-Head Cannon, and Cyber Jar

"Time to uppen the ante." Spencer thought with a sneer. "Get ready to lose your Chimera, Billinton!"

"You'll have to summon something strong enough to beat it!" called Thomas.

Smirking, Spencer looked at his hand. "Oh, I aim to beat it without a powerful monster."


Spencer set his Cyber Jar monster facedown onto a monster card slot, but sideways instead.

"I summon a monster in facedown defense mode."

A large hologram of a sideways facedown card appeared before Spencer.

"Spencer's up to something," said Edward.

"Gee, you think?" asked James sarcastically.

"Chimera should still be able to take that monster down easily, right?" asked Emily.

"Not unless that monster has a special effect." Edward replied grimly. "Thomas should plan his next move carefully."

Thomas turned to look over to his friends. Edward nodded, and Thomas nodded back. Before looking back to his current hand and into his thoughts.

"It's true that Chimera is likely strong enough to defeat whatever Spencer set facedown, but is an effect monster? Or is Spencer bluffing?"

"I believe it's your turn, Billinton," Spencer grinned.

"Very well," said Thomas, drawing his card.

Turn Four: Thomas Billinton (LP: 4000)
Deck: (33)
Current Hand (4): Mirror Force, Multiply, Giant Soldier of Stone, Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight

Without thinking, Thomas gave his command. "Chimera, destroy his facedown monster!"

"No, wait, Thomas!" called Edward.

Too late, Chimera lunged forth and pounced on the facedown monster, revealing it to be a cybernetic pod-like creature. Spencer grinned widely.

"Well done, Billinton!" he congratulated sarcastically. "You've attack my Cyber Jar!"

"Cyber Jar?" Gordon blinked. "What's that?"

"Bad news." Edward said seriously. "Whenever a Cyber Jar monster is attacked while it's facedown, it's effect will destroy every monster on the field."

"Oh no." Emily gasped. "Then that means Chimera will be destroyed too!"

On cue, Cyber Jar immediately exploded, clouding the field with smoke and dust. Once it was clear, no monster was left on the field.

"But it's not all bad news." Toby started to speak. "Cyber Jar has another effect: Now both duelists draw five cards from the top of their decks and then immediately special summon any monsters with a star level of four or less."

Thomas and Spencer both drew their five cards.

Thomas: Chain Destruction, Queen's Knight, King's Knight, Monster Reincarnation, and Thousand Knives
Spencer: Z-Metal Tank, Y-Dragon-Head, Soul Release, Dimension Fusion, and Spear Dragon

"I special summon Queen's Knight and King's Knight both in attack mode!" Thomas announced.

A human female wearing knight-like armor (ATK: 1500 / DEF: 1600) and human male wearing knight-like armor (ATK: 1600 / DEF: 1400) both appear. They both were armed with a sword and shield.

"And because I have both Kings and Queens on the field." Thomas continued, before a card slipped out from his deck. "I can special summon Jack's Knight from my deck!"

A third knight, this one was younger than the King and Queen and looked taller (ATK: 1900 / DEF: 1000), but also wielded a sword and shield. All three of the knights were standing in attack position.

Spencer smirked to himself. "Excellent..." Just before he took three cards from his hand. "I special summon Y-Dragon Head and Z-Metal Tank both in defense position."

Three machine-like monsters appeared. One was shaped like a dragon's head (ATK: 1500 / DEF: 1600), and the other like an ordinary tank (ATK: 1500 / DEF: 1300).

"Finally." Spencer continued, while setting a third monster onto his Duel Disk. "I'll special summon Spear Dragon in attack mode!"

The third monster, a dragon with a sharp break, appeared next to Z-Metal Tank (ATK: 1900 / DEF: 0).

"I'll get rid of your two machines!" cried Thomas. "Jack's Knight, attack Y-Dragon Head now!"

Jack's Knight charged forth and slashed his sword through Y-Dragon-Head, destroying it easily.

"Attack Z-Metal Tank, Queen's Knight!" Thomas continued. "Majestic Sword Swipe!"

The lone female Poker Knight slashed her sword forth and quickly shattered the tank-like monster into pieces.

"Atta boy, Thomas!" cheered James. "You've got him on the ropes now."

"And next I use Chimera's special ability," Thomas went on. "When he's destroyed and sent to the graveyard, I can special summon back one of the monsters used for his fusion. And I choose Berformet in defense mode!"

A sideways hologram of a face up card as the four armed monster returned to Thomas's side and knelt down as if preparing to shield himself from an attack (ATK: 1400 / DEF: 1800).

"Now he's got 4 monsters and Spencer only has one," said Emily.

"But will it be enough for Spencer's skill?" Edward wondered.

"I place 1 card facedown and end my turn," declared Thomas, setting a card in the spell and trap card zone. A hologram of a facedown card appeared behind Queen's Knight.

Regardless of facing down four monsters, Spencer didn't look worried the slightest and just drew his next card.

Turn Five: Spencer Gresley (LP: 3800)
Deck: (28)
Current Hand (5): Ryu-Kishin Powered, Magic Reflector, Cloning, X-Head Cannon, Soul Release, Dimension Fusion, and Soul Absorption

Grinning wickedly, he knew it was time for one of his big plays.

"I summon X-Head Cannon in attack mode!" Spencer announced, as he placed his monster card onto a monster slot next to Spear Dragon.

A muscular machine monster with twin cannons coming from its shoulders materialized next to Spear Dragon.

"Ha!" snorted James. "That monster won't help you, Spencer!"

"Oh, really?" Spencer mocked. "It will once I play this Spell card."

He slid a card into a slot behind the X-Head Cannon card, and then pressed a button on the central part of the Duel Disk.

"I play the Spell card Soul Absorption!"

A facedown card appeared behind X-Head Cannon before flipping up and revealing itself.

"Not that card!" cried Thomas in shock.

Edward looked grim. "Now Spencer will gain 500 life points if he removes a monster card from the game."

"And that's what it looks like he's gonna do." Toby added. "When he plays that card next."

"Next I activate Soul Release!" Spencer slid another card into a slot behind one monster slot. "Now I can banish up to five monsters from either player's graveyard. But I think I'll remove only my Z-Metal Tank and Y-Dragon Head!"

Two monster cards (Z-Metal Tank and Y-Dragon Head) slid out of Spencer's graveyard. By this point he gained 1000 life points from banishing two monsters.

"Now he's stronger than he was at the start!" James complained.

"Unfortunately, it's about to get a whole lot worse for Thomas." Edward stated seriously.

"Indeed it is," said Spencer. "I activate a third spell, Dimension Fusion. By giving up 2000 life points, I can bring back my banished monsters."

As Spencer's life points we decreased to 2800, a portal of sorts opened and out came the two monsters he banished earlier.

"Well that wasn't a very smart move," snorted James. "He just took out almost half of his own life points to summon two weak monsters."

"Spencer is planning something big," said Edward. "If not, then he wouldn't have made a move like that."

"Edward is correct," grinned Spencer. "Now Billinton, it's time for you to learn what real power means. X-Head Cannon, Y-Dragon Head, and Z-Metal Tank, combine yourselves into one!"

Obeying Spencer, the 3 machines began to assemble together until the were some sort of huge mobile battle tank with Y-Dragon Head acting as a tank gun and X-Head Cannon proudly at the top with its guns ready to blast.

"Together, they create the ultimate XYZ-Dragon Cannon!" Spencer declared (ATK: 2800/DEF: 2600).

"XYZ-Dragon Cannon...?" James, Gordon, Henry, and Percy each said in fear.

"It looks so powerful..." Emily gasped.

"Now prepare yourself, Billinton!" Spencer roared. "I use my Dragon Cannon's special ability!" He discarded a card (Magic Reflector) to his graveyard. "By discarding a card from my hand, my monster can destroy any one card on your side of the field!"

XYZ-Dragon Cannon readied its twin cannons and fired a powerful plasma beam. It targeted and destroyed Thomas's facedown card (Mirror Force).

"So, you were planning on using Mirror Force to destroy my monsters, eh?" Spencer sneered. "Well, that's too bad now!"

"Blast!" said Thomas. "Now there's nothing to protect my monsters."

"Exactly," said Spencer. "And don't forget my Soul Absorption. Since I removed 3 monsters from play, I now gain 1500 life points." Spencer's life points raised to 4300.

"Aw man, now he's stronger again," said Henry.

"And Thomas is in trouble," said Gordon.

"That he his!" said Spencer. "XYZ-Dragon Cannon, destroy Queen's Knight with Cannon Firestorm!"

XYZ-Dragon Cannon obeyed and fired a second round of plasma, this time as an attack and not an effect. Queen's Knight couldn't handle the beam and was destroyed. Thomas could only watch and grimace from the damage his life points took (LP: 2700).

"Now, Spear Dragon!" Spencer continued. "Attack King's Knight with Cyclone Blast!"

Spear Dragon obeyed and fired a blast of cyclone wind at King's Knight. The knight held his ground for a few seconds before the full force hit him, causing him to shatter. Thomas grunted as he took more damage (LP: 2400).

"Thomas!" his friends cried.

"I'm still standing," said Thomas bravely.

"You won't be for long," sniffed Spencer. "And since my Spear Dragon attacked, it now goes into defense mode."

As Spencer said, Spear Dragon curled a bit and used its wings to shield itself.

"I'll place one card facedown." Spencer set his Cloning card into one of his Spell/Trap slots. A hologram of a facedown card appeared near XYZ-Dragon Cannon. "Now make your next move, Billinton!"

Thomas had a look of frustration on his face, but complied and such.

"Very well!" he cried, and drew his next card.

Turn Six: Thomas Billinton (LP: 2400)
Deck: (33)
Current Hand (7): Multiply, Giant Soldier of Stone, Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight, Chain Destruction, Monster Reincarnation, and Thousand Knives, Archfiend of Gilfer

"I don't have anything strong enough to beat his Dragon Cannon." Thomas thought to himself. "I guess I'll have to hold out until I can weaken it." He took a card from his hand. "I'll play the Spell card Monster Reincarnation!"

"Hmph!" Spencer huffed. "I don't see what good that'll do you."

Thomas ignored that comment. "I'll discard Chain Destruction to add one monster from my graveyard to my hand." He slid the Chain Destruction Trap card into his graveyard, and out came the Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts card. "And I choose my Gazelle!"

On cue, the beast-type monster, Gazelle, reappeared on Thomas's side of the field (ATK: 1500 / DEF: 1200), and immediately kneeled.

"And then I switch my Jack's Knight to defense mode." Thomas laid a hand on his Jack's Knight card and switched it sideways. This caused the monster itself to kneel down in a defensive stance.

"Not so fast!" called Spencer. "You activated my trap card." He poked a button and his facedown card rose to face Thomas. "Cloning!"

Suddenly another Gazelle appeared on Spencer's side of the field.

"What did you just do?" asked Thomas in surprise.

"Not so fast!" called Spencer. "You activated my trap card." He poked a button and his facedown card rose to face Thomas. "Cloning!"

Suddenly another Gazelle appeared on Spencer's side of the field in the same defensive kneeling stance.

"What did you just do?" asked Thomas in surprise.

"Simple, I've just created an exact double of your monster." Spencer answered. "While I cannot use it to attack, I can still use it to defend my life points or use it as a tribute for a stronger monster."

"I guess I'll have to end my turn," said Thomas.

"This doesn't look good," said Edward. "I bet I know what Spencer is planning."

"It's my turn," declared Spencer, drawing his card. "Let's see what else my deck has in store."


Turn Seven: Spencer Gresley (LP: 4300)
Deck: (27)
Current Hand (2): Ryu-Kishin Powered, and De-Fusion

"As of now, I won't bother using my Dragon Cannon's ability." Spencer announced arrogantly. "It's attack is high enough to wipe out whatever you care to summon. In the meantime, I'll switch Spear Dragon back to attack mode!"

Suddenly, Spear Dragon went from its defensive stance into its attack stance.

"Attack Jack's Knight now!"

Spear Dragon obeyed, firing another cyclone blast. Jack's Knight tried to hold back, but it was too much and he shattered. Thomas grunted as to his surprise, his life points lowered (LP: 1500).

"But my Knight was in defense mode!" objected Thomas. "Why did I still take damage?"

"That was my Spear Dragon's other effect." Spencer stated smugly. "It if attacks an opponent's monster while that monster is in defense mode, then Spear Dragon will inflict the difference between the monster's defense and my dragon's attack as life point damage. In this case, your Knight had 1000 defense points and my dragon has 1900 attack points, so you lose 900 life points as a result!"

Thomas angrily watched as Spear Dragon, having attacked, shifted itself into defense mode via its other effect.

"Well that bites," said James. "Even if Thomas has monsters in defense mode, he's still going to lose life points."

"If I were you, Billinton," said Spencer, "I'd surrender around now. Don't you understand that you stand no chance against my might?"

"I'll never give up." said Thomas firmly. "As long as I have my friends support, then there's no way I'll give up to someone like you."

"Very well." Spencer said slowly, before grinning wickedly. "XYZ-Dragon Cannon, attack Berfomet!"

XYZ-Dragon Cannon fired more plasma, and destroyed Berfomet in an instant.

"Now all you have left is your Gazelle," sniffed Spencer. "I doubt you'll find anything useful to do with him, so I'll end my turn."

"It's my turn," said Thomas. "And hopefully I will find a way to turn this duel around." With that, he drew his card.


Turn Eight: Thomas Billinton (LP: 1500)
Deck: (27)
Current Hand (6): Multiply, Giant Soldier of Stone, Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight, Thousand Knives, Archfiend of Gilfer, and Emergency Provisions

"I don't have very must still..." thought Thomas. "But I need to get my life points up." He selected two cards from his hand. "I set two cards facedown." Two facedown cards appear behind Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts. "Then I'll chain them with Emergency Provisions." A facedown card appeared beside one of the two other facedown cards before flipping up to reveal the Emergency Provisions Spell card. The three cards were sacrificed and Thomas's life points were healed. (LP: 4500) "By offering my two facedown cards and the Spell itself, I gain 1000 life points each."

Spencer wasn't impressed. "Three cards for 1000 life points each? You must be joking."

Thomas only continued with his turn. "Next I'll sacrifice my Gazelle to summon the powerful Archfiend of Gilfer!"

Gazelle was sacrificed and appearing in its place was a large, powerful fiend-type monster (ATK: 2200 / DEF: 2500). As a result of Gazelle's tribute, the clone was also instantly destroyed.

"While I know my new monster is not powerful enough to defeat your XYZ-Dragon Cannon, I can at least get rid of your Spear Dragon." Thomas said. "Attack now, my Archfiend of Gilfer! Destroy Spear Dragon with your Flame Attack!"

Archfiend of Gilfer obeyed and summoned a great flaming attack that roasted Spear Dragon, causing it to shatter.

"Since my dragon was in defense mode," Spencer pointed out, "I take no damage."

"With that," said Thomas, "I end my turn.

"At least Thomas took out those other two monsters," said Henry.

"But his Archfiend won't stand a chance against Spencer's Dragon Cannon," Emily pointed out.

"It's my turn, Billlinton," said Spencer as he drew his next card.


Turn Nine: Spencer Gresley (LP: 4300)
Deck: (26)
Current Hand (3): Ryu-Kishin Powered, De-Fusion, and Swordstalker

"XYZ-Dragon Cannon, destroy that Archfiend of Gilfer with Cannon Firestorm!" Spencer commanded his monster.

XYZ-Dragon Cannon fired some more plasma from its twin cannons and Archfiend of Gilfer was destroyed quickly. Thomas winced as his final monster was blown away (LP: 3900).

"That was your last monster." laughed Spencer. "Next turn you'll feel the full power of my mighty Dragon Cannon, so go ahead and make your move...if you even can."

Thomas was sweating nervously. It was like he was afraid to draw his next card.

"I'm starting to think Spencer's right," thought Thomas. "I've got no monsters left to protect me, and my draws haven't been so good. What if I make a bad draw? It'll all be over."

Thomas's friends could notice this and were getting worried about Thomas as well.

"Poor Thomas." Toby replied. "Isn't there anything he can do?"

"That XYZ-Dragon Cannon has been blowing away his monsters like they were nothing." Gordon commented.

"That's the power of Seto Kaiba's deck." Edward said. "Filled with some of the strongest cards in the game."

"Guys, we can't give up hope." Emily stated. "While it's true that this situation is looking grim, that doesn't mean we should lose hope for Thomas."

"Emily's right," said Percy. "Thomas has been there for us, now we need to be there for him."

At last, Thomas had mustered enough courage to draw his next card.


Turn Ten: Thomas Billinton (LP: 3900)
Deck: (26)
Current Hand (3): Giant Soldier of Stone, Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight, Graceful Charity

"This card could help me draw what I need." Thomas thought to himself, before he took his drawn card. "I play the Spell card Graceful Charity!"

Raindrops gently fluttered above him and onto his deck, like celestial light of a sort.

"This lets me draw three cards, and then I must discard two." Thomas drew his three cards. They were revealed to be Dark Magician, Dark Renewal, and Shift. Thinking his next move carefully, the blue-haired boy selected to discard Dark Magician and Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight.

"Next I'll set one card facedown." Thomas continued, as a facedown card appeared in front of him. "And I'll call forth Giant Soldier of Stone in defense mode."

A large warrior made entirely of rock appeared kneeling down (ATK: 1300 / DEF: 2000).

"That ends my turn."

"Do you really think that over-sized pebble is going to protect you?" snorted Spencer. "I'll have that thing turned into gravel before you know it." What that, he drew his next card.


Turn Eleven: Spencer Gresley (LP: 4300)
Deck: (25)
Current Hand (4): Ryu-Kishin Powered, De-Fusion, Swordstalker, and Spell Absorption

"Prepare yourself, Billinton." Spencer declared, taking a monster from his hand. "I'll summon Ryu-Kishin Powered in attack mode!"

A purple gargoyle fiend-type monster appeared and shrieked menacingly (ATK: 1600 / DEF: 1200).

"Now I have two monsters, and you have one." Spencer boasted. "Attack my XYZ-Dragon Cannon!"

Thomas suddenly smirked. "I think not, Spencer."


"You've triggered my Trap card!" Thomas declared, as the face down card flipped up and revealed itself. "Dark Renewal!"

From out of the trap came a large coffin. The lid opened up causing a force of red energy to pull Ryu-Kishin Powered inside it. The red energy then did the same to Giant Soldier of Stone and the lid closed.

"What's going on?" Demanded Spencer.

"My Dark Renewal allows me to tribute your newly summoned monster plus one monster on my field," explained Thomas. "Then I can special summon one spellcaster monster from my graveyard." Thomas then took the card out from his graveyard and showed it. "My deck's Ace; the Dark Magician!" He then placed the card on his monster card zone.

Appearing on the field was a male spellcaster with purple hair and wearing a full purple outfit, while wielding a blue scepter. He also had a rather stoic expression on his face (ATK: 2500 / DEF: 2100).

The Tidmouth Teens were delighted.

"I think our boy is about to finally turn this duel around!" James grinned.

"But XYZ-Dragon Cannon is still stronger than the Dark Magician!" Percy protested.

"Let's just watch what'll happen." Edward suggested. "There seems to be more to this move than meets the eye."

"So you called out your ace monster," said Spencer. "Impressive move, but your monster's nothing compared to mine! XYZ-Dragon Cannon, destroy his Dark Magician!"

XYZ-Dragon Cannon fired more plasma from its twin cannons, but Dark magician twirled his staff and countered the blow with a blast of dark magic. After a struggle for a few seconds, the magic pushed through and hit Spencer's monster, causing it to shatter.

"My Dragon Cannon has been destroyed!" cried Spencer (LP: 4100). "But how? It had 300 more attack points than your magician!"

"Think again," said Thomas. "Remember my Archfiend of Gilfer you destroyed? Well when he's sent to the graveyard, he weakens one of your monsters by 500 points. And the only monster around at the time was your dragon cannon. So that made it weak enough to be destroyed by my Dark Magician."

Spencer was furious. "Curse you, Billinton!" he growled. "I'll get you for that cheek!"

The Dark Magician cheekily wagged a finger at the silver-haired boy like he was saying "That's what you get for underestimating the power of a magician." Thomas drew his next card.

Turn Twelve: Thomas Billinton (LP: 3900)
Deck: (22)
Current Hand (2): Shift and Obnoxious Celtic Guard

"Go, Dark Magician!" Thomas commanded. "Attack Spencer directly with Dark Magic attack!"

Dark Magician obeyed, twirling his staff and firing a blast of dark magic at Spencer, causing the colors to briefly become inverted. Spencer yelled as his life points dropped (LP: 1600)

Thomas's friends cheered for his counter.

"That's using your head, Thomas!" said Henry.

"One more attack like that and he'll win!" cheered Emily.

Spencer was huffing and puffing with exhaustion, and he was really angry now.

"You'll pay for that, Billinton. You hear me?!" He eyes were filled with malice. "YOU'LL PAY!!!"

With that said, Spencer drew his card.

Turn Thirteen: Spencer Gresley (LP: 1600)
Deck: (24)
Current Hand (4): De-Fusion, Swordstalker, Spell Absorption. Graceful Charity

"I'll pay my own copy of Graceful Charity now!" As from before, raindrops gently fluttered above him and onto his own deck, like celestial light of a sort. He drew three cards, and then discarded Swordstalker and Spell Absorption. He now had Attack Guidance Armor, Blue-Eyes White Dragon, and Maiden with Eyes of Blue.

"Excellent." Spencer thought, and then chose his card. "I summon forth my Maiden with Eyes of Blue!"

From the glow came a woman with long, white hair, pale skin, and blue eyes kneeling (ATK: 0/DEF: 0)

"And to end my turn, I place one card facedown," said Spencer, setting a card in his spell and trap zone. A hologram of the card appeared behind his maiden.

"Spencer played a weak monster," thought Thomas. "If I can summon another monster to destroy it, I'll be able to make a direct attack on him and win the duel."

"Come on, Billinton," thought Spencer. "Take the bait. And when you do, I'll have a surprise waiting."

"Here's where it ends, Spencer," said Thomas, drawing again.


Turn Fourteen: Thomas Billinton (LP: 3900)
Deck: (21)
Current Hand (3): Shift, Obnoxious Celtic Guard, and Dark Magician Girl

"Okay." Thomas thought. "I'll use my Celtic Guardian to destroy that monster, and that will allow my Dark Magician to make a direct attack." He took the only monster card from his hand. "I summon the Obnoxious Celtic Guard in attack mode!"

An elf wearing a warrior's outfit and wielding a sword materialized (ATK: 1400 / DEF: 1200).

"All right!" Henry cried. "All Thomas has to do is destroy that monster and he'll win with one direct attack!"

"Go Thomas!" Emily cheered.

Edward, however, knew that something wasn't quite right. Why would Spencer play a monster that was so weak? There had to be a huge catch.

"Is something wrong, Edward?" asked Toby.

"Spencer's planning something," said Edward, "Otherwise he wouldn't summon such a weak monster."

"Obnoxious Celtic Guardian," said Thomas," Attack the Maiden with Eyes of Blue!"

"Thomas, no!" cried Edward. But it was already too late. Obnoxious Celtic Guardian obeyed Thomas's order, drawing his sword and charging at Spencer's monster, causing this silver haired by to grin.

"Just as I had hoped!" he shouted triumphantly.

"Huh?" gasped Thomas. "What do you mean?"

"Oh no, I was afraid of this." Edward grimaced. "Now Spencer's monster's effect is going to activate, and Thomas will find himself facing a monster that's even more dangerous than XYZ-Dragon Cannon!"

Without warning, Maiden with Eyes of Blue stood up and opened her eyes, which glowed bright blue and stopped Thomas's monster in his tracks. A stream of light formed next to her.

"What's going on?" demanded Thomas.

"When Maiden with Eyes of Blue is attacked," Spencer explained, "I can and change her battle position. Then by doing so, I can summon MY deck's ace; the Blue Eyes White Dragon!" Spencer proudly placed the monster card on the monster zone.

A huge dragon with blue and white scales and two powerful wings appeared majestically and let out a terrifying roar (ATK: 3000 / DEF: 2500).

"The Blue-Eyes White Dragon..." Thomas breathed in awe and fear.

The Tidmouth Teens were also noticeably frightened.

"Seto Kaiba's ace..." Gordon said quietly.

"And the first of the three in that deck." Percy added.

"Thomas..." Emily thought to herself in worry.

Spencer laughed loudly and sinisterly. "Behold the Blue-Eyes White Dragon! A monster with nearly unmatched power! And best of all, my new monster will now intercept your Celtic Guardian's attack!"

Obnoxious Celtic Guard continued to lung for the Maiden with Eyes of Blue...until suddenly, the Blue-Eyes suddenly shielded the female monster from harm.

The sword did nothing to the great beast as a sphere of lightning formed in its mouth.

"Blue Eyes!" commanded Spencer. "Counterattack with White Lightning!"

The dragon obeyed and let loose the lightning from its mouth, engulfing Thomas's monster. Thomas yelled as he tried to hold on.

"Thomas, no!" cried the Tidmouth Teens in horror.

While the attack knocked him down, the Obnoxious Celtic Guard still wasn't destroyed, however.

"My Celtic Guardian cannot be destroyed by any monster with 1900 attack points or more." Thomas struggled to say.

"That doesn't concern me." retorted Spencer. "But you still lose a heavy amount of life points."

Thomas grimaced hard (LP: 2300).

"I warned you that challenging me would be a mistake," said Spencer. "Now you're going to experience the full power of my mighty dragons! It's game over, Thomas Billinton!" With that he began to cackle.

To be continued.
1 - The Challenge: Thomas vs Spencer
Here's Chapter 1 of the first story for mine and :iconmattstonge44:'s collab crossover series; Yu-Gi-Oh the Sodor Chronicles. Here we meet the Tidmouth Teens as Thomas and Percy set out to obtain starter sets for Duel Monsters. But they find the Seto Kaiba set has already been bought by Spencer, whom Thomas challenges to a duel after the silver haired snob defeats and insults Percy. Will Thomas be able to teach Spencer a lesson? Find out!:D

Oh and most of the cards in this series will be based on their anime effects.

Chapter 1: The Challenge (1): Thomas vs Spencer
Yu-Gi-Oh Episode Basis: Heart of the Cards
Thomas Episode Basis: N/A


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