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Tabitha the SECR C 0-6-0 by sodormatchmaker
Tabitha the SECR C 0-6-0
Here's a little revamp of one of :iconmarzipanhomestar66:'s characters; Tabitha. Instead of a Class J37, she's now a SECR C engine. Expect her to appear in part to of The Adventure Begins rewrite. Hope you like her.:D

Thomas and Friends (c) Hit and Mattel
The Railway Series (c) Rev Wilbert Awdry
Sprites (c) Me and :iconmarzipanhomestar66:
OC (c) :iconmarzipanhomestar66:
Happy Birthday Kat by sodormatchmaker
Happy Birthday Kat
Here's my present for :iconladylunarscorpio: It's me and Toby wishing Kat a happy birthday with cake and a banner. Hope you like it, Sweetie. Happy Birthday!:cake:

Thomas and Friends (c) Hit and Mattel
The Railway Series (c) Rev Wilbert Awdry
Sprites (c) Me and :iconmarzipanhomestar66:
Kat (c) :iconladylunarscorpio:
*Intermission Ends*

It was a pleasant day on the North Western Railway. The drivers were just waking up for breakfast.

Edward: Good morning, everyone.

David: Morning, Edward.

Henry: I had a good sleep last night.

Alfred: *grumbling* That's because you weren't sharing a shed with a snoring idiot.

Cecil: I can't help it if I snore!

David: Oh quit the bickering the two of you. Just be glad that the whole team is back together.

Gordon: And about time too. We missed having you around, Henry. *pats him on the back*

Henry: Thanks, Gordon. Speaking of the team, I wonder when Spike and the girls will be here.

Edward: Should be here any minute now.

Fluttershy: *Comes in with her pet bunny, Angel* Hello everyone.

Edward: Hello, Fluttershy.

Alfred: What's with the rabbit?

Fluttershy: Oh, this is my pet bunny, Angel. He just loves reading stories about railways and I thought he would like to come.

Angel then leaped into Henry's arms and nuzzled him.

Henry: Aww, hey little fella. *pets him*

Edward: He's very sweet.

David: Just make sure he doesn't get too close to the engines, ok?

Fluttershy: Don't worry. Angel will be good.

Just then, the rest of the group came in.

Twilight: Hey guys. What's up?

David: Hello gang. We were just having breakfast before getting our orders for the day.

Applejack: That's good. And with everyone together again, there should be no delays. Right, Henry?

Henry: Indeed.

Pinkie Pie: Alright then. Let's get going. Last one to the engines is a moldy carrot!

As they arrived at the sheds to get their engines ready, Princess Celestia arrived.

Celestia: Right everyone. You remember what you have to do today, don't you?

Twilight: We sure do, Princess.

Celestia: Good to hear. Oh, and David? A letter came for you in the mail.

David: For me? Ah, thanks, Princess Celestia. I wonder who it's from?

David opened the letter and gasped.

David: I don't believe it. A railway on the Mainland wishes for me to join them.

Edward: Oh wow. Congrats, David.

Rainbow Dash: That's so cool.

Alfred and Cecil weren't very happy, though.

Alfred: Why'd he get an invite?

Cecil: Yeah. We're way more awesome than him.

Henry: They asked David because he has had a good reputation on the railway.

Applejack: Which is not what I can say for some drivers. *glaring at Alfred and Cecil*

Alfred and Cecil: Whatever. *cross their arms and pout*

Rarity: I'm sure you will do very well, David.

David: Thanks, but I'm not too sure I should go. I mean, Sodor's like a home to me.

Fluttershy: Well, you don't have to make up your mind right away, David.

Song Cue: Give it time to sink in and then report back your decision.

David: Alrighty then. I will.

Soon, they were all ready for their jobs. Alfred and Cecil were still in a foul mood.

Alfred: That David is being such a goody two shoes. If I were him on the day Henry went into the tunnel, I would have gone through the other tunnel.

Cecil: Yeah. Or just bring back some dynamite and KA-BOOM! Problem solved.

Alfred: Dynamite? We don't have any here.

Cecil: Oh botheration. No wonder things are boring around here.

Alfred: I suppose we'll have to show those boneheads that we are ten times better than David.

Cecil: Let's go for it.

Meanwhile, unaware of what's going on, David was driving his engine with Rarity and Spike.

David: I must say you 2, you are certainly getting better at controlling a locomotive.

Rarity: Well we happen to have a good teacher.

Spike: Yeah. You're like an expert.

David: I wouldn't call myself that, but I'm glad you are having a great time.

Suddenly, Spike saw something ahead and applied the brakes.

Rarity: What's the matter, Spikey-Wikey?

The answer soon came to them as Alfred raced past them after coming off of their line with some coaches.

Alfred: Whoo-hoo!

David: What on earth was... Wait, don't tell me. It was a GER S69 with a reckless driver.

Spike: Looked that way to me.

Rarity: Looks like the breakdown crane might be needed.

Spike: Or the police.

David: That fool will get himself in deep trouble one of these days.

Later, they stopped at a station to rest before continuing on. Rarity was having an iced tea when Cecil's engine raced by with a goods train, showering her, Spike, and David with steam.

Spike: *coughs* Uh! Not again.

Rarity: My curls are ruined!

David: Cecil! Stop that!

Cecil: What's the matter, dork? Too awesome for you? *cackles rudely*

David: Ugh! He and Alfred will never learn.

Rarity: Quite right. *looks at her tea* Oh no! There's coal dust in my tea.

Spike: I'll get another ice tea for you, Rarity. This one's on me.

Rarity: Why thank you, Spikey-Wikey. You're such a sweet gentleman. *kisses him on the cheek*

Spike: *blushes and walks off in a rather goofy manner*

David: Goodness me. Didn't see that coming.

Rarity: I couldn't help myself. Spike was just so sweet and adorable.

David: You got a crush on him, right?

Rarity: *blushing* D-don't be so silly. Spike and I are just very good friends.

David: *chuckles* Sure you are.

Spike: I'm back, malady.

Spike hands Rarity the ice tea.

Rarity: Thank you Spike. *hugs him*

David: Ah, young love.

Rarity: *objecting* We're just friends!

Meanwhile, Alfred and Cecil were still up to no good.

Alfred: Don't worry, Cecil. Our fun will begin again soon when they see what's in our latest goods train.

Alfred showed Cecil a goods van with a "Danger" Board on the side.

Cecil and Alfred: *excited* Fireworks!!!

Cecil: Maybe, when the bang goes off, we can scare away that little bunny the tree hugger brought in this morning.

Alfred: Took the words right out of my mouth.

*the two high-five*

As soon as the vans were coupled up, Alfred started off first. Cecil would have to wait a few minutes before the line was clear so he could go.

Yard Manager: Now be careful with them fireworks. Someone could get hurt.

Cecil: Yeah, yeah, whatever. I know.

He started off the second his line was clear. Meanwhile, Henry, Fluttershy and Applejack were on their lunch break with sandwiches. Angel was nibbling on some lettuce and  a carrot in Henry's lap.

Fluttershy: I think he's really taken a liking to you, Henry.

Henry: He sure has. *tickles Angel's belly*

Angel: *Squeaks happily.

Applejack: I think your passion for animals has really rubbed off on Henry, Fluttershy.

Just then, they heard a whistle.

Fluttershy: Uh... Did you three here that?

Henry: That sounds like Alfred's engine.

Applejack: And it sounds like he's goin' pretty fast. (Looks where Alfred is coming from) Are those fireworks wagons on his train?

Henry: That can only mean he's going to cause trouble. I think it's best we got going.

Fluttershy: Good idea. Come on, Angel.

The group heads back to the engine, Angel cradled in Fluttershy's arms.

Alfred raced by, throwing a firecracker at them.

Alfred: Think fast!

Without warning, Angel leaped out of Fluttershy's arms and hopped away.

Fluttershy: ANGEL! Come back! *races after him*

Henry: Darn it, Alfred! That was mean!

Alfred: *cackles* Where's your sense of humor?

Applejack: You scared Fluttershy's bunny away and let a firework go loose. DO YA THINK THAT'S FUNNY!?

Henry: No time for arguments, AJ. Get the fire brigade, and I'll help Fluttershy find Angel.

Applejack: Right. *races off*

Fluttershy: Angel? Oh, Angel, where are you?

Henry: Come here, Angel. Don't be afraid.

They found Angel cowering under a bush.

Herny: Hey, Angel. It's just us. Nothing to be scared of.

Angel: *Slowly comes out*

Fluttershy: Oh, you poor little thing. *gently picks Angel up* It's okay. Momma's here now.

Angel: *Squeaks calmly*

Henry: Aww. There's a good bunny. *tickles Angel under his chin*

Angel: *playfully boops Henry's nose*

Fluttershy: *sweetly* Boop.

Henry: *chuckling* Let's go back.

Fluttershy: Of course. Come on, Angel.

Meanwhile, Alfred was still being a reckless nuisance. He was so busy causing trouble, that he failed to realize that he had been switched onto the loop line by mistake. He was going the wrong way. Up ahead, Cecil was coming down on the same line, causing just as much trouble.

Cecil: Man those chumps will rue the day they mess with The most awesome dudes on Sodor! *looks ahead* What the?!

Alfred: *sees Cecil coming his way* BRAKES!!

The drivers braked hard, but it was too late! They jumped clear just as the engines collided with each other.

Cecil: Oh no. Our engines are in a wreck now!

Alfred: This is all your fault, Cecil!

Cecil: My fault?! You were the one who was going down towards me!

The crash had also caused the fireworks to go off.

Alfred: *Glup* Uh oh.

Cecil: I think we'd better... RUN!

They didn't get far before being caught by Celestia's guards.

Guard: Cecil and Alfred, you two are under arrest for not only causing a what could have been fatal accident, but also for starting up a fire in a forest and scaring Fluttershy's bunny away.

Alfred: Says who?

Cecil: *Elbows him in the gut* Shut up, Alfred!

Soon the Fire Brigade had been called and the fire was put out. Sir Topham Hatt was very furious with Alfred and Cecil.

Sir Topham Hatt: *angrily* This time, you two have gone way too far! Alfred and Cecil, you're fired!!!

Alfred: But sir...

Sir Topham Hatt: No "buts". Now get off my railway at once!

And so, Alfred and Cecil were sent to prison for their behavior and their engines were scrapped. At the station, Henry, Applejack and Fluttershy were telling David, Rarity and Spike what happened.

David: My goodness. Was anyone hurt?

Henry: Not that we know of.

Applejack: I'm glad them two is gone for good. We're better off without them.

Rarity:  couldn't agree more, Applejack. Those ruffians know nothing of respect for their fellow drivers.

Spike: *feeling upset* Alfred called me a pathetic small fry earlier.

Rarity: *comfortingly* Oh don't pay them any mind, Spikey-Wikey. You're a wonderful friend and 10 times the gentleman they would ever hope to be. *playfully pokes his noes* Boop.

Spike: *blushing* Aww. Thank you, Lady Rarity. It means a lot coming from you.

Rarity: Anything for a friend.

At the end of the week, David spoke to the others before it was time for bed.

David: Well lads, I've thought it over, and decided to accept my invitation to the Mainland.

Gordon: We sure are going to miss you, David.

Edward: Best of luck on your new line, dear friend.

Henry: Be sure to come and visit us anytime.

David: I will.

The next morning, they all threw a Farewell Party for David.

Pinkie Pie: Whoo hoo! You are going to have fun on your new railway, David.

David: I sure am, Pinkie Pie. Those 20 years of hard work and good reputation have paid off.

Song Cue: *confused* 20 years? But you would have been very little if you'd been working on engines for 20 years.

David: Edward was not the only one who was granted eternal youth.

Song Cue: *gasp* You mean that Aunt Celestia...

David: Yep. She granted me eternal youth too.

Fluttershy: That's so amazing.

David: She sure is amazing. I wonder what this railway will be like.

Soon, it was time for David to leave. Sir Topham Hatt and Princess Celestia were there to see him off.

Sir Topham Hatt: David, we are very proud of you for all the things you have done for our railway.

Princess Celestia: It has been an absolute honour to have known you for all this time. Best of luck at your new job.

David: Thank you both. And no matter where I go, Sodor will always be home to me. Goodbye, everyone.

With that, David opened the regulator and his engine set off. Everyone cheered and waved until he was out of sight.

Rarity: *Sighs* I'm going to miss him.

Spike: We all are.

Rainbow Dash: And now we're also down to only 3 engines left. They can't do all the work my themselves.

Sir Topham Hatt understood the situation and agreed that they would need some more help around the railway. But that's another story.

*To Be Continued*
The Adventure Begins part 1 Epilogue
Here's the epilogue to part 1 of TAF MLP version of The Adventure Begins. In here, David receives an invitation to come to another railway on the Mainland, making Alfred and Cecil jealous. The two then begin causing trouble around the railway. Will they be stopped? With help from :icontobyandmavisforever: Hope you like it. And stay tuned for the epilogue.

Thomas and Friends (c) Hit and Mattel
The Railway Series (c) Rev Wilbert Awdry
My Little Pony Friendship is Magic (c) Hasbro
OC (c) :icontobyandmavisforever:
Barry MK2 by sodormatchmaker
Barry MK2
Here's a redo of my sprite of Barry the BR Standard Class 2. I got him In both his original looks, and his looks after becoming part of the North Western Railway. Hope you like it.:D

Thomas and Friends (c) Hit and Mattel
The Railway Series (c) Rev Wilbert Awdry
Sprites (c) Me and :iconmarzipanhomestar66:


United States
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